With one hundred Community Members attending and a combined eighty talks, mini-workshops and stage presentations this is going to be a sparkling Visitor experience. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience – See You There 🙂 

The Pyramid Lady – Pyramid Therapy and retailing Copper Pyramids

Jon Sharp enjoyed a session of Pyramid Therapy at the last Lincolnshire Well Being Show. His comment “I loved it, Fantastic!’ Norma is a fascinating lady, and the therapy is engaging. Indeed If you love alternative treatment, you’ll enjoy the Pyramid treatment. Norma also retails an extensive range of Copper Pyramids, and she will be pleased to talk about their properties and uses.

Tropic with Vic – Award-winning natural vegan cruelty-free beauty products

Vic Heyworth attends most of The Well Being Shows. And goodness do we receive fantastic feedback from people who visit Vic’s stand. Vic takes great pride in presenting a vast range of Tropic products. There is a Tropic skin care product for every occasion and every member of the family. Vic will introduce you to Tropic products and their uses, and she’ll also, reveal the company ethos, which is behind this growing business. 

The Witch’s Heart

Eleanor says: “This business is a heart and soul project for me. I wanted to find handmade pieces and tools for ‘the craft’ at affordable prices. I couldn’t do so: so, I began to make my own” and her words provide an insight into the quality and purpose of the product available. Anyone who has an interest in ‘the craft’ will find something of interest here. Eleanor is approachable, kind and engaging, be sure to meet with her over the weekend.

Upbeat Lincoln – Bespoke training for working with people with personality disorder

Upbeat is one of Lincoln’s most prestigious organisations. We are more than proud Robert is here to talk about their work. Upbeat is a social group for people who experience personality-related problems. And the expertise and kindness offered by the organisation help those in difficulty beyond measure. Most of us live a life which is relatively free from personality problems. Even so, it is a demonstration of ‘being human’ to take an interest in; and understand those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Liz Clark Asks you to tale a few minutes talking to Robert during the show: he is an extraordinary man indeed.

Woodland Trust

We have been supporters of The Woodland Trust for many years. The connection between health, happiness and wellbeing and nature is indisputable. By joining the Woodland Trust, you make a real and long-lasting contribution to this country natural heritage. It is essential to understand the impact woodland and forests have on the wildlife population. Most of our wild animals depend on the woodland infrastructure; without it, we will lose the UK’s most valuable asset. We must learn to understand the woodland and forests ecological system and The Woodland Trust is here to accomplish this worthy mission.

Don’t forget there will be eighty brilliant free talks and presentations. These will be presented in the first-floor talk rooms (lift available) and the two-stage areas. Remember this is a child-friendly show with a well being related activity area:

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