Philip Underwood – Total Transformations Course – During the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, Philip Underwood gave me a flyer and an A4 sheet. The subject covered is Philip’s Total Transformation Course. I found the information fascinating and asked Philip if we could record a short interview about the course.

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The video is made as a record of the interview. I found the information so interesting the choice is made to slightly edit the conversation and make it part of an article. I’m sure if you have spoken to Philip, you’ll realise he is an amazing and knowledgeable man. His talks are consistently well attended, and the audience is always enthusiastic when asked about the quality and content of his lectures. This information will guide anyone interested in the course that they will receive exactly what is expected. You can be confident: the depth and breadth of the course will cover every aspect of its promise. Which is a commitment to make Total Transformation’s in many aspects of one’s life.

Why not watch the video and see if The Total Transformation Course is worth consideration?  It runs for fifteen minutes and the casual conversational aspect, without editing demonstrates the integrity of the content. If you visit The Lincolnshire and Newark Well Being Shows it is possible to talk in-depth to Philip about this groundbreaking course.


So if you desire to improve your life, for examples, become able to make definitive choices or overcome the lack of confidence. The course will work for you. On a deeper level, you’ll learn about the incredible benefits of meditation and self-realisation. Total Transformation is worth careful consideration.

Watch the video: Talk to Philip: Transform the way you see your world. Any questions go to Philip’s website or see him at the Well Being Shows.

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