Rose Best is a popular Community Member: And she is also a regular contributor to LEN. Her articles are popular and well-received. Rose has sent a submission for publication prior to the Newark Well Being Show 14 + 15 September 2019. She will be attending this show with her husband Mark. This meditation is a perfect reason why you should spend some this with Rose.

For those wondering what a shamanic trance journey is I have written the following story which will be presented. Stories have always been told to provoke thoughts and encourage a sense of meaning. Trance stories take you into your subconscious and are accompanied by gentle drumming which resonates with the heart and is healing in itself. Together they are an insightful way of taking a different view of things. its surprising how once we change our thoughts we change our actions with very little effort.

I hope you enjoy reading the words:

Alice clipped the lead on her best friend Smudge, he excitedly wagged his tail in anticipation, Alice always took him a walk to places where he loved to run free, following smells & trails, meeting new friends and getting the occasional fuss from someone new.

Alice put on her walking shoes, tying the laces 3 times because mysteriously they always seemed to wind themselves undone no matter how hard she tied them. She opened the back door of the car and smudged jumped in with what seemed like a smile on his face. Alice loved these times with her best companion who never criticised or judged her, he always appreciated her love for him and in return, he loved her back 100% unconditionally with licks, tail wags and cuddles thrown in for good measure.

On this occasion Alice was not a happy bunny, life was just not working out for her as she had hoped. Her job was boring and low waged, her relationship was over and her best friend just wasn’t the friend she thought she was. She sighed and started the car; it wasn’t long before they arrived at one of Smudges favourite places.

Smudge eagerly jumped out of the car when it stopped, running around Alice in circles and barking with excitement. Alice heard his barks, she knew his language, hurry up he was saying, lots of exciting things to do and see.

Alice trudged behind, her thoughts weighing heavy, holding her back. Smudge knew the way, he dashed ahead, Alice had lost the spring in her step and found it difficult to keep up, he raced back and forth egging her on, Alice kept up as best she could but her heart was heavy and her eyes fell to the ground occasionally shedding a tear.

Alice looked up with a slight sense of panic, where’s smudge? Her heart missed a beat as she called his name with no response. She called, again and again, each time getting louder and more urgent, her heart was racing now and her pace had turned into a run. She knew the way, he knows the way she thought he won’t be far, he would never run away but fear was with her as she ran the familiar path.

Alice heard a bark just off the path, she ventured into the tangle of brambles, twigs, undergrowth that formed the carpet around the majestic old trees. Thorns pricked her legs and the nettles stung but she fought back pushing them to the side heading closer to the barking.

There he was, a tangled barking heap, tongue hanging out, eyes searching Alice’s face for a response. “What a tangle,” said Alice as she reached down to begin untangling the brambles from Smudges long thick fur. The only emotion exchanged between the two was relief and love.

Alice found a spot where the moss was thick and soft, stopping the brambles from pushing shoots through, there was a little ray of sunlight which danced through the rather dense woods. She stroked smudge as she continued to tease the brambles from his fur, “You’re a naughty boy running off” she said but the words belied the meaning because the actions were that of pure love. Smudge wagged his tail and gave Alice a sloppy big lick and they sat together enjoying the moment.

The sun was warm and the rays danced through the leafy trees, Alice looked up and saw she was beneath a huge spreading oak tree, the trunk was solid and wide, the branches were knobbly and weathered. How wise must this oak be thought Alice, how many changes must have taken place over the years that this tree has watched over Mother Earth? She pondered on the thought of how the landscape must have been before the roads, houses and masses of people had intruded on this majestic tree space. 

Alice watched the dancing sun rays and for a moment forgot her worries, she looked high into the branches and enjoyed the warm blue sky, her eyes became heavy and she knew she was starting to relax and let go. She heard birds singing and the gentle drone of the bees busily collecting nectar, when suddenly she was startled by a gentle breeze followed by a rustling very close by.

Her eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open, she dare not move before her was the most amazing sight she had ever seen. A very large Tawny Owl hopped over. “Welcome to my home,” said owl, Alice knew she had entered dreamland.

“ I have been watching you” said Owl “I can see your heavy heart, you are not alone, many humans walk this path with heavy hearts, I watch from the branches, their eyes seem glazed, they do not see the beauty around them, they walk like zombies with their heads held low, they do not see or hear me but I am so pleased to meet you, Alice,”

Alice was speechless. “Would you like to touch my feathers?” said owl “they are so soft and yet they are so hardy, they are my protectors and helpers” Alice reached out and felt the downy softness, “they’re beautiful” was all Alice could reply. Owl walked closer and nuzzled Alice’s arm with his head “And so are you Alice, a beautiful lady,” He said.

Alice was taken back “no I’m not” she replied “I’m far too fat and my hair is such a mess, I’m not even pretty”

Owl stepped back saying nothing, tipping his head from side to side he took his time to look at her. “Alice to me you are what you are, I see many humans of all different shapes and sizes, I’m not sure what you mean about being too fat, your hair being a mess or not being pretty though. I see you are different to me and to many of the other humans and animals who walk or live in the woods. I do see your beauty, not in your size, weight or how you perceive yourself to look, I see your beauty in the way you act, helping and loving your companion.

Alice looked down lost for words, tears welling in her eyes. “I see your sad, “said owl. Alice blinked and looked up,” Yes,” She said “My life’s not good, I have lost my job and fallen out with my best friend. I just can’t seem to fit in”.

“Fit in,” said owl “Fit in what? I have found a hole in a tree which I can fit in now I have given it a few tweaks with my beak to make it my home. What do you need to fit in to? 

Alice replied “Just life, I don’t seem to get on with people, they don’t like me”

“Haha” laughed owl,” Ahh mouse doesn’t like me, I hunt him he’s my food, but I’m not sad that he doesn’t like me it is just the way it is; I have to hunt mouse, we are just different, I have to do what I do to survive”

Alice looked shocked, “That’s terrible poor mouse.” “No,” said owl, “Mouse has a good life, he lives with his family and friends all snuggled together, they share food, their home and play together. They just have to be alert because us Owls need to hunt, the mouse is our food, just as mouse eats plants and other small vertebrae its’s a chain we all belong too, we are part of it we are different. But WE ARE WHO WE ARE we can’t be the same as others”.

Alice pondered on this “but I don’t know who I am or what I’m good at, no matter what I do it never seems right”

“Then stop doing it, stop trying so hard,” said owl “ we are all who we are undercoats of feathers or skin, bones and flesh, organs and blood. When you strip all of those away the part of us that is most alive is our soul and our mind, they are what makes the bones and flesh work. We are somewhat restricted by the coats we have on but we all have the energy, or chi or lifeforce plus the mind to make things happen. Humans are so lucky their mind connects with their hands which can make many wonderful things, the only sadness is that they have become greedy and lost their connection to what really supports them. We owls know we have to find our own food, we only take what we need to keep us alive but we are free to enjoy the beauty around us and we have our instinct which is sharper than any human tool to keep us safe. We don’t live in cosy houses, life is very hard at times, and very cold in winter but we are free to fly high without the chains of consumerism and high expectations of others rules and regulations. 

Alice thought “but I need to belong, to have an identity, to know where I’m going and what I should be doing,” said Alice.

“Um,” said Owl “I know what you mean but if we strip off the cloaks, we wear wouldn’t we all be the same? Energetic beings existing as best they know-how in a truly beautiful and plentiful place? I know it is a harsh environment at times but if we only took what we really needed, loved, cared for and put back what we had taken from the place we live in, would we need an identity; we would be playing a part all doing our own bit. Although we kill the mouse for food, we leave the bones for others who will gain sustenance from them. And although we hunt and live alone, we belong to the forest doing our thing being part of it.

“Ok, so I’m part of the bigger picture “Alice replied, “what good am I doing?”

“Alice you love your companion so much, you are spreading love and capable of spreading much more. The more you love the more you will be loved; love is expecting nothing but it brings the best rewards when you share it”.

Alice felt a heavy paw on her arm, smudge was bored and wanted her to move on. Alice rubbed her eyes, I must have dozed off she thought, Smudge gave her a lick and wagged his tail, she put her hand on the soft moss to help her get up and there was the most beautiful brown soft Tawny Owl feather she had ever seen. She picked it up and remembered her dream, feeling a weight lifted off her shoulders, she felt a new sense of hope, a sense of meaning and purpose as to what she might do next. This time as she walked new thoughts were in her head, she buzzed with excitement……………… adventures, new things to do……………..I wonder where your thoughts are taking you right now?

Rose Best

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