Dedication? Beyond Thanks – A person’s strength is discovered in times of difficulty. Our true worth and character are revealed if we can function without others knowing of difficulty. Having to reach into the very depth of our being can test us to the limit of endurance, on all levels: material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. The most vulnerable time is during awkward moments which are out of our control. Misjudgement can occur, we could say the wrong thing, feel angry and look for someone to blame for an impossible situation. Only a true understanding of one’s self and commitment to inner wisdom and knowledge will see the issue closed.

From my perspective, any who profess to be spiritual or talk of spiritual values; should live the words the advice or wisdom offered to those we work with. Walk the walk: Talk the talk. No running away, no excuses. And this is a problematic ‘way of life’ to follow. It is no use saying ‘forgive’ when one spits venom of hate. It is no use saying ‘give’ when a full purse is said to be empty. It is little use attempting to be kind if the heart is hard. People feel the true sentiment with our daily acts.

And we do not have to prove the kindness. There is no need to demonstrate acts of goodness: giving money we cannot afford: continuing to help those who take us for granted: supporting those who cannot see we are sometimes in need of help. Of course, when there is a personal issue, helping others becomes even more complicated:

It is Friday 13th July. I’m talking to a friend. As always, smiles and happiness are transparent and from the heart. We fill in the gaps from our last meeting until today. One situation is recent and still active. Many would not function well with the experience. The pragmatic way my friend deals with the situation is impressive. There are sorrow and frustration within the story, and it is not going away too soon. Of course, I cannot reveal the problem. But, I doubt anyone would deal with it quickly.

Now my friend’s usual bright character shines. She asks if Alice, Tristan, Bella and Molly are well; all questions are about other people. We talk about boxing and this evening’s Ray Ford fight in New York. “I couldn’t watch it, Ian: I dislike fighting!” Inevitably the conversation turns to the weekends Well Being Show. “It will be whatever it will be” is the observation. Not because the answer is easy or non-committed. The answer reflects a pearl of real wisdom, which few possess.

Saturday 14th July: I have no time to talk to my friend who enjoys a busy day. Mid-afternoon, a Visitor, tells me how much a Spiritual Consultation is appreciated. “Very insightful and accurate”. Our friend has worked with many people today: when leaving the venue I hear one comment: “Great day – See you tomorrow”.

Sunday arrives, and it is the same story. Our friend works with a health professional: someone who is well known and of the highest qualifications. The consultation is approached no differently for any other. Later, I ask how the reading went “Of course you’ll never know what was said, Ian. But, what a fantastic man, he was not testing my ability; he worked with me, insight was two ways and respectful.”That is the way of Spiritual Interaction, no fear, work from the heart and one’s most profound connection. “Did you enjoy the encounter?” I ask “Brilliant!” is the reply.

And for all which is happening in her personal life. Our friend and Community Member thrives. There is no feeling sorry for the individual situation. It is seen as part of the tapestry and learning which may be used in the future. One should realise, that to fulfil the obligation and rise above difficult issues demonstrates thorough wisdom of what makes a human survive during pressure.

The weekend finishes and our friend returns home. Immediately, praise for the show and The Community. Although within an awkward situation, she has taken time to share information about Community Members and the show weeks before the event. The gratitude we have for this connectivity and caring while coping with a personal dilemma cannot be overstated. These words are a lesson to us all.

Shirley during a consultation

Shirley McEvoy, you are a magical inspiration 🙂


  1. The words inspirational are right on point Ian Shirley is an incredible lady., Right from the start of my journey she has encouraged and inspired me. I admire people personally who give things as they are straight and true and that for me is Shirley in a nutshell.

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