Today’s `Sunday Thoughts’ is short and straightforward:

Today I make a positive comment about why we attend Well Being Shows. The whole dynamic of attendance is changing. We must now realise there is more to a show than the time we spend with Visitors. It is our feeling the next three years will establish a different approach to Visitor awareness and the way Visitors see Community Members.

Being connected for 365 days each year, with articles, videos and audio downloads is the way to maintain high visibility and interest in the Well Being Shows. It is now essential to be aware of the fact Visitors require more from organisers. The core value of the shows are the many aspects of holistic wellbeing. And therefore the Well Being Shows must also be holistic. 

Every avenue of promotion and connectivity must be explored. When the days are bright and time is available, Ian and I will continue to make videos about the future of the events. We will also produce media which will encourage Community sharing and involvement. Carol Wallace’s submission this week is a perfect example of the power of comment. Carol’s post has been read over five-hundred times and shares, and positive comments about her article have taken the organic reach to thousands of people. No one can ignore the potential of making submissions to this daily news platform.

Here is a defining statement:

“Reading other comments from Angela and Shirley reinforces what we have always maintained – that standing at a show is not solely about making money on the day – it’s about investing (your stand fee) into 14 hours of being in an arena with opportunities to engage with every visitor who walks through the doors into the show – to share information about your products/ services and leave the visitors with an impression of you as someone who is competent, committed to their purpose, and someone they’d like to engage with further (booking a consultation at the next event, purchasing at next event, looking at your website and online presence to learn more about you and your business, refer their friends to you at a future date) … consider the cost of advertising yourself in a newspaper – something that’s read once, then discarded … your stand fee is not a guarantee to recover your investment in 14 hours – it’s worth considering the bigger picture and spend those 14 hours focusing purely on your business and engaging with Visitors – every moment a Community Member spends at their stand can be utilised to the fullest – every moment away from the stand is, potentially, missed opportunities … 

these words are spoken from the experience of attending shows up and down the country for nigh on 18 years. Thank you for your contribution to the Community – the Community is thriving because of these interactions and sharing information.”

“We Are Stronger Than I”

In the video, I use the term “We Is Stronger than I” – We have changed the phrase to the correct “We Are Stronger Than I’ – The video explains how “We” goes beyond the bounds of personal environments and expands awareness of OUR endeavour.

See You Soon
Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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