Barrie John will be presenting two Tarot WorkShops during the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Anyone watching Barrie’s stage presentation is left with no doubt of his ability to teach people how to connect to their inner or psychic being.

During this two-hour workshop, attendees will be amazed at how their psychic and mediumistic ability will grow. I watched four members of the Newstead audience astound all who watched them develop their Tarot connections. If you have an interest in the many potentials of the Tarot, then this workshop is for you.

Barrie John - LizianEvents

Barrie Working With The Audience

Watch Barrie’s Introduction to the Workshop

The times of the workshop:
Lincolnshire Well Being Show
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Saturday 9th November 11:00 – 13:00
Sunday 10th November 12:00 – 14:00

Cost £20:00 per attendee
Early booking: £17:00

☞Book Here for Saturday☜

☞Book Here for Sunday☜

☞Barrie’s Website☜

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