As I read the BBC news (I stopped watching it years ago) and have a quick scroll through Facebook see the full spectrum of concerns that range from ‘storm in a teacup’ to ‘full-blown tsunami, end of the world’.

The news standard seems pretty standard now with a Top Trumps approach to which country has the most cases and/or deaths, who has cancelled the biggest events and who is the most famous person to succumb today.

The armchair pundits, after getting over their rage and dismay that the football league has been cancelled have been partially appeased by knowing they have in effect been given a free transfer to the unofficial but we know best Covid19 reviewing committee.

So, you see it is easy to be both flippant and cynical, it is much more difficult to adopt a balanced and realistic approach, the toilet roll crisis is testament to that, sorry, slipped back into cynical mode there.

We can all agree that on a global scale we are a minuscule part of what is going on. However, to give in to that thought is to in effect give away our own personal power even more than has been eroded already.

We are all part of the collective conscious, we all have that spark of the Divine within us whether we actively believe 100% in things esoteric and spiritual. Now would seem to be the time to practice some good spiritual housekeeping alongside the physical measures we are all being encouraged to take.

Raise your vibration; Sing, eat chocolate, go for a walk, love, laugh, be with those you care about and who care about you. Everything and everyone vibrates at a different frequency even bugs, bacteria and viruses so ensure your vibration is higher and while you’re at it maybe visualise yourself encased in a reflective shield of golden light. Ask your Guides, Angels and dear departed to shield, guard and protect you, your loved ones, your community.

Steer away from the minute by minute broadcasts, doom merchants and tabloid sensationalism.

Eat well, sleep well and be kind to yourself and others.

Build your spiritual resilience to the highest it can be because we will all face challenges and dilemmas; 

Money for many will be an issue and purse strings will need to be tightened to ensure essentials can be paid for. How easy to take a pill and carry on going to work?

Caring for elderly relatives who rely on you. How easy or hard would it be to minimise symptoms in order to pick up an essential prescription or supplies?

Those caring for children. How do you self-isolate in your own home away from those who need you?

The list is endless and we are not used to thinking about such a wide array of issues in our instant, a quick-fix society where we are told what to like, what to watch and what to wear.

In conclusion, my view for what it is worth, look inside, try to be as strong, steadfast and true to your own values and morality as possible not only for yourself but also your family and the wider community. Keep your vibration high and your thoughts positive.

And if you are that person with 98 packs of loo roll in your shed, the best way to raise your vibration is to SHARE THEM OUT.

Heather Wood
Guide, Medium, Therapist


  1. Thank you Heather. Good Food for Thought !

    Yes, let’ s raise our vibrations, think positively, stop putting photos of empty shelves that make others panic!
    Use the Thought / Mind Power we are all endowed with… and do VISUALIZE intensely a protective shield / bubble/ over yourself & loved ones etc. :
    This is what our Advanced Teachers in the ‘ Spirit world ‘ ( who know better than humans) advise us to use .
    Thoughts are creative & electro-magnetic: they ATTRACT & CREATE exactly what you fear.

    Thoughts’ energy never vanishes: so the emotions within them hovers about & create your surroundings. BEWARE of what you mull over…

    So, what about taking up some new pastime ( colouring? crosswords? origami? flower arranging?) to calm you & focus on your creativity ?

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