Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 15.03.20 – While working at The LizianShop this week, I have asked every customer ‘Do you know anyone with Coronavirus?’ And surprise, surprise, how many said they did? Not a one. So. I have to reply to the myriad of emails asking if we have any intention of cancelling shows.

To be clear: we will not cancel a show unless in the unlikely event a government or local council enforces a closure. What is our reasoning? It is this: every piece of clear-minded information suggests the virus is no more dangerous than any previous flu virus. And while there is an obvious concern for public health: we feel when people follow sensible guidelines, there should be no higher risk from coronavirus than any of the previous cases of flu.

Of course, there will be those who will say we are irresponsible. And they are welcome to their opinion. And some will agree with our opinion. Indeed, the choice is a personal one; if there is fear, then the decision is made. So, our stand is simple: we will follow official guidelines and hope people research all aspects of the news, scientific opinion and form a reasonable conclusion.

We are in early March, and there is a long way to go before The Pure Spirit Events. I feel public opinion may well have changed by this time. I do not comment on other shows or exhibitions. However, in this instance, I would encourage visitors to attend events and take the precautions of plenty of hand-washing and careful attention to hygiene. I confess to being mystified as to why an organiser would cancel an event as far ahead as September or November! There is insufficient information available this far ahead in time.

The reality is it is impossible to know where one meets with any virus or infection in most situations. Agreed, there are indeed central infectious areas such as hospitals. But I feel Ian and I would have an equal or higher chance of becoming infected in a supermarket where the footfall is tens of thousands per week than a small show. Ian thinks there is the best chance of becoming affected on his 36 bus trip than attending a show. He says ‘A flow of one hundred people are on the bus every thirty minutes: that’s about two-thousand a day in an aluminium box with little ventilation. There are hundreds of buses in Nottingham, and we have two cases of the corona at the moment’.

Below is a link to an up to date article found in 13:03:20 Forbes Online Magazine: It determines the actual figures and how politicians could well destroy their economy: And demonstrates European states ministers are stirring up a fear frenzy:

→Forbes Article←

To conclude:

We will not announce the closure of any of our shows and events: unless there is governmental or local authority enforcement. We feel The Community and Visitors are sensible and clear-minded enough to weigh-up the situation.

Tonka Tough: LizianEvents Ltd

Tonka Tough!

Terms and Conditions:

From time to time, we have to follow the guidelines of our terms and conditions. We do so to ensure the future of the shows, events and The Community. Indeed, everyone who stands with us is encouraged to read and understand the implications of the T’s and C’s. People will inevitably see the enforcement of a T and C as being opposed to our Community-Driven ethos. Our reply is the T’s and C’s are in place to protect and strengthen the majority, not a minority.

Important Visitor information is clearly defined at the reception and information tables. And we ask for Visitors and Community to respect the simple guidelines which make The Community’s show and events so complete. We have gained a reputation for smooth-running and easy to enjoy events, the T’s and C’s are very much part of this success.

We ask all of you Visitors and Community to understand we have and will continue to make tough choices. And readers can be sure we have enforced the guidelines against our will or desire. But we cannot attain the objectives of the organisation if we brake the foundational rules.

We see a strong and determined Community who wish to thrive in the future of the events. And many of us now acknowledge the power of a connected community of people. There is a long way to go, but many now see we act on their needs and suggestions. And when we are reminded of our T’s and C’s by Community Members, we have to work on their observations. So, remember, Terms and Conditions are inflexible: Guidelines are open to debate.


We are pleased with the feedback being received from readers of LEN and listeners of the podcasts over on iTunes. The videos also have a significant following and welcome, excellent comments. If you are in any doubt as to the potential of using the media platforms to your advantage, I’d suggest you talk to Rick about the gains in his public profile which are directly related to his podcasts, and articles.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you soon:

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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