News about the Lincoln Well Being Show:

On Friday morning (17 July 2020) we spoke to Sophia at the Lincolnshire Show Ground. She has confirmed the Showground will be opening for shows late September. This is excellent news, and this means we will confirm the (7 and 8 November) Well Being Show, at the Epic Centre.

Vast Facility – Ample Parking – Superb – Airy – Purpose-Built for Exhibitions
Lincolnshire Show Ground’s Epic Centre

As you will know, we are already taking bookings for the Newark Well Being Show (19 +20 September) and we have received substantial bookings for the event. The Visitor feedback is excellent: and there is every reason to believe the enthusiasm for the show will result in a great event.

Advantage Venue

We have a significant advantage with the two venues: It is SPACE! This means stalls will enjoy the benefit of Visitor distancing (if this is still a priority in late September – November). Of course, the choice is to limit the number of attending Community Member to 75 from the usual 95. However, with a new layout, there will be no feeling of ‘emptiness’ in either of the venues. We learned a great deal from the unique style layout design used during February’s Newark Well Being Show: and the lessons will be fully utilised for these events.

Lady Eastwood Centre: LizianEvents Ltd

Vast Facility – Ample Parking – Superb – Airy – Purpose-Built for Exhibitions
Newark Show Ground’s Lady Eastwood Centre


Remember: we do not need deposits or payments to book to attend the shows at this time: If you feel you would like to attend the shows use the contact form below or contact us at

We and the venue’s management feel the doors will open this year. There is a certain demand from both Community Members and Visitors. And remember, we have kept both Community and Visitors connected over the last five months. The total social media and website monthly figures are more than 20000 views and interactions. Our efforts and faith in the future of the events cannot be doubted.

Promote NOW!

The push is on to expand the reach of our events: When the shows open their doors, we can expect people to travel long distances to enjoy these events. Yes! There will be doubters and people who will offer negative opinions; Be clear in mind: our connection is with nationally recognised show grounds and the staff and management will do NOTHING to jeopardise the health of visitors to their venues.

LizianEvents Ltd

LizianEvents organise brilliant Well Being Shows – Many LizianEvents News guests can be met during the events: The Community who makes the shows are fascinating and will offer suggestions and ways to become a Well Being – Use the form below to be kept informed about the Well Being Shows and Community:

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