Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 19:07:20 – We have enjoyed great success with our vegetable patch, which was started from scratch ten weeks ago.

The lesson for us is how change and adaptability are beneficial to the future. We had a large area of lawn which required reseeding. In this instance, the best option was to remove the old grass and weeds, clear the soil and level before reseeding. At this point, we realised there would be scope to designate at least a third of the area for a vegetable garden.

Garden One: LizianEvents Ltd

Early Days – Late May

The project took about two weeks: And at the time it was hard work. We choose to sieve all of the soil to be used in the raised beds. By a quick calculation, the amount of soil riddled was three tonnes! The choice was made to make the ground as right as possible. After the raised beds were filled, we fertilised the ground and allowed it to settle for a week or so before seeding.

Beans, carrots, lettuce, radish, broccoli, are the initial choice of produce planted. Progress of the plot was recorded on social media, and something unexpected and special happened: I began to receive offers of plants, seeds and seedlings from other vegetable gardeners. Not only this, but the advice and encouragement from fellow gardeners is also fantastic.

Not a question asked is not answered! And the way gardening wisdom and knowledge are freely given is testament to the camaraderie of the green-fingered army. How deep should the seeds be planted? Ten consistent answers! How close should the seeds be? Ten consistent answers!

It seems to me; people who are involved in growing; seem to cultivate an attitude similar to the cultivation of their produce. The more they give and more effort involved: the greater the rewards. Interestingly, the effort put into gardens has a proportional return. And as I look through the pictures of my new friend’s gardens, I realise there is a massive, almost unseen group of people who are making a significant contribution to their wellbeing.

Not only do the efforts to return to growing and eating healthy food help keep one’s body fit; there are immense benefits to mental health. We see people enjoying the fruits of their toil (physical wellbeing) and celebrating their achievements (mental wellbeing). The whole activity has a raft of benefits. Food, exercise, physical and mental wellbeing and an unusual connection between unknown friends!

Garden Two: LizianEvents Ltd


No! I’m not writing today’s thoughts through rose-tinted glasses. You would only have to search for gardening, vegetable growing and allotment groups on Facebook: and then, read the posts to realise this is not a short-lived hobby. You’ll discover long term members who offer encouragement and long term support to new and novice members.

Not only do they share seeds, saplings, and young shoots: one can find everything from greenhouses to topsoil; either for sale at reasonable prices or free to collect. I doubt if anything would be impossible to source, ask the question and someone somewhere will have the item available.

The gardening groups are a fantastic example of what happens when people connect, share and demonstrate genuine encouragement and appreciation for one’s endeavours. And we should accept this is not a small gathering of like-minded people: there are thousands of people connected and contributing every hour of the day.

My thoughts are directed toward the power of connection: when we see a group of people working toward common purpose magic happens. Yes! We already know this: however, to see the potential at its very best offers great promise to any group of people who choose to work together. I’m convinced The Community has this potential to success. Not to the extent of the tens of thousands of people who contribute to the gardening sites: but I do believe we can connect to many hundreds of like-minded people: People who wish to discover ways to become Well Beings.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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