Jane Osbourne’s Palm Reading – Jane recently had her palm read by Wendy Hollis: We think the characteristics within it are very accurate. Jane is known by many people: so. Let’s see if you think Wendy’s palm interpretation is correct!

Hand Shape  – Square/Spatulate 

People with such hands are disciplined, respect authority and are well-organised. They are independent, orderly, precise in manner and punctual mainly because of the influence of their customs and habits. you are blessed with great persistence. You can be restless and full of energy. You are or where adventurous and are adaptable. You look for ways to improve or new ways of doing something, making it more economical. In modern Palmistry, you are the air hand. You like to be kept busy. Family is important to you.

Finger Shape:  

Jupiter shorter than the Sun finger. You work well and artistic and creative

The Jupiter finger is all about leadership and the way the ego is made up.

With your upper and middle zone, you take pride in what you do, you are dignified, and you have ambition, business sense and managerial ability. You do not like bullishness and people who are not true to what they say they are.

Saturn finger is relative all the same length you know the occult and mystical are real, but you like to do your research and investigate a subject. You like beautiful things around you.

Sun finger, you have business creativity and entrepreneurial ability.

Mercury, You are overall an excellent communicator in business and practical communication. In a relationship, you need to tell them how it is.

How the fingers are set 

Shows that you get on with things and any problems you get them sorted.

The round finger intellectual side of most issues is essential.

The Three Worlds 

Practical dominant:

The Middle world is the world of practical affairs. This is because we have in the territory covered by this middle portion of the hand the qualities of ambition, soberness, wisdom, art, shrewdness, aggression, and resistance developed. This seems a formidable array of qualities, but to the one who must battle with worldly affairs in this century, they are none too steady. The middle development, if overshadowing both the upper and lower worlds, will show that business, practical life, every-day ideas, and material success compose the world in which you live.

Heart Line:

Indicates that your life combines romance with practicality and common sense.

The upward or branched line can indicate that you have overcome some of life’s roadblocks through your determination. They suggest you will be successful and achieve your goals. They can also indicate hopefulness and a good outlook on life. There is an idealistic and positive attitude associated with these lines.

Head Line 

The head line ends with a strong fork; it is called a writer’s fork or lawyers fork. This person enjoys debate and can see both sides of an issue. This indicates excellent imagination and someone who uses intuitive/psychic powers and writing and speaking abilities throughout life. Means a romantic, creative, and idealistic who is open to new ideas and is not afraid to investigate concepts or beliefs. Trust your intuition. The downward slope Signifies times in the past of struggle, possible depression, sorrow and distress and disappointments in specific points in your life.

Life Line  

Indicates struggles, losses, unexpected change, or interruption in your way of living, an accident, or an illness. A break in the life line on both hands can signify that you have suffered I know you have had an accident, but did you have any problems in early childhood?

Fate Line 

The Fate Line is also known as the Line of Destiny. This line reveals the effects that people and events have had on an individual. These are events that the person has had no control over. This line is tied to your life’s path. It is also an indication of obstacles that may be faced, educational and occupational choices, accomplishments, achievements.

There is a definite change in the fate line, and a different career had been planned, but a change in direction has put you on this path. A career within a profession your writing will give you a successful career.

Sun Line  

The Apollo Line, also known as the Line of the Sun, when present, is an indication of success in your life. This line can indicate creative, self-confident individuals who are extremely capable of following through on a plan of action.? They can communicate their ideas well and are sensitive, which makes them primed for success and good fortune. However, the line is not continuous since life is not free of difficulties.? This may be a sign of inconsistencies in your life.

Jupiter mount: 

The Mount of Jupiter is located on the palm at the base of the index finger. It has a connection to the Greek God, Zeus, who became Jupiter in Roman mythology. This mount indicates how you perceive the world and how you want to be viewed by others. It has a lot to do with your determination, ego, need for power and control, accomplishment, and leadership. This mount is of healthy development; this can indicate an individual who has divine aspects, a strong spiritual connection, is not self-centred and has no problem helping others. You always try to have an approachable manner, and no matter how difficult the situation, you try for a positive attitude. You show signs of healthy respect and compassion for others. People trust you and will follow your lead whenever possible.

Saturn mount: 

The Mount of Saturn is located on the palm below the base of the middle finger. It is an indicator of patience, duty, and responsibility, as well as one of modesty and a need for solitude. If this mount is of normal development, it can indicate an individual who is friendly and independent, and one who believes that things happen as they should. This mount allows for a simple, common-sense approach to life.

Apollo mount:  

The Mount of Apollo, also known as the Mount of the Sun, is located at the base of the ring finger and lies on the upper part of the Heart Line. It indicates your self-assurance, compassion, and stateliness. If this mount is normally elevated, it can indicate an outgoing person and someone flexible to changes.

Mercury mount: 

If this mount is well defined, this can indicate an individual who has many interests, is flexible and has excellent communication skills. This person will be successful in business or perhaps psychology and is someone who can read people extremely well.

Venus mount:  

If this mount is normally elevated, it can indicate an attractive individual who is passionate. Creative and likes the more beautiful things in life. It can also represent someone well respected, enjoys the benefits of true friendships.

The Mount of Moon:

Also known as the Mount of Luna, is located on the palm at its base, on the little finger side of the hand. It is an indicator of intuition, creativity, and imagination. This mount is well defined; this can indicate you have excellent creative power. This individual has a love of nature. It also represents one who has excellent intuition, is compassionate and helps any friends in need if you can. You like to look at the expanse of the ocean with a refreshing drink in your hand.

There are three lines in your love life right now two shorter and one much longer representing a longer relationship.

Child/ Children there was the potential for four children with one-line very faint, which means it may not have been born to the earth plane.

Crosses are an indication of long-lasting problems. They also represent changes in your life. They represent outside influences that may be causing stress.

We think the interpretation is very insightful and engaging:

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