Today we revisit an article from the 16th May 2017: It’s is interesting how relative the message is today!

Writers are no strangers to criticism. In the early months of publication, caustic words affect the inner-being, and the truth is, the critic hurts the scribes emotions. Sooner or later authors find a particular audience who enjoys their writing style. A year passes and the four and five-star reviews outweigh the ones and two’s. The creative individual learns a lesson and realises the work is as we live life, some like our method – many do not.

In this instance, the critic’s observations are directed at an individual, and there is no problem with this. If you are a writer, nothing will stop the key tapping or paper scribbling. Surely when we write the objective is for people to enter into our minds? This is, of course, a dangerous and enjoyable game to play, because readers may decide a piece of fiction is a smoke-screen of reality. Others decide a factual essay is (to their mind) fiction. So what?  The objective is to write something which affects the reader’s emotions. The point is critics are rarely totally correct and of course they are subject to confirmation bias. (They embellish the information required to prove their point).

We return to a statement made about our events ‘I do not see how a change of ownership can make any difference’ It is now evident the changes made to the infrastructure of our shows has made a difference. However, it would be wrong of this writer to suggest this statement was made with malicious intent. It was a valid question, and we (all of us) have answered it. We are unified in our determination to change the ethos of our shows.

Criticism is questionable when the reason for the criticism is ulterior to what is suggested. So we should question an individual’s real purpose or intent when listening to disparagement. The criticism takes on more sinister overtones when it is formulated to damage the success of an event. We must listen carefully to what is being said and ask why someone would say ‘They wouldn’t know what spiritually is if it stared them in the face’ or another ‘They are taking everyone for a ride’ Allow me to be clear the individuals who made these comments would never stand with us. We would not want them at our events.

I understand why someone may feel upset when they are told there are no concessions. I understand why another would become frustrated after being informed ‘We do not give free space, even though you feel you are an attraction for visitors. Our policy is open and honest. Everyone pays the same for their stand, and because everyone pays our prices are fair.’ Spiritual values have a great deal to do with honesty, integrity and fairness. In the equation of success, money has to be considered, and if we work together with openness at the heart of our dialogue, no one is ‘taken for a ride’ .’

We work together to bring strength to our community. Humans admire success and desire to be successful so why shouldn’t our objective be a success? The power of community is seen in their success, do not doubt it. So what of the critic? The subject of the essay? Next time you listen to anyone who criticises anything, the first question to ask is what the motive is? The second issue is ‘Why do you doubt my choice?’ Remember when A.N Other critiques the organisers, the criticism is also directed at those who trust their choice.

The final consideration is this: Our thoughts and words reflect the character behind the persona. (Persona means mask). There is no ulterior motive behind our work here are the objectives:-

1.  Grow a like-minded community
2.  Become interactive
3.  Work together
4.  Understand our purpose
5.  Be prepared to make changes
6.  Have no fear of success
7.  Eliminate the negative attitude
8.  Contribute to everyone’s success
9.  Understand promotion means commitment
X.  Connect and respect our visitors

The cynical critic has no part to play in the future. We have to grow like a tree and be robust enough to understand the changes of the seasons. The winter of thought and ideas – The spring of new beginnings – The summer of success – And the autumn of change – We will not stagnate or believe we have found the magical formula – There is a long way to go; it will be a journey of mistakes and successes. There is one certainty; there is nothing we have to hide. The objective is for us to be successful, and our visitors return time and again.

We will continue to write our thoughts and essays. Every exhibitor who contributes in this way will help make our events unique and prestigious. A visitor is not attending a LizianEvents show – The visitor is attending a show to which every exhibitor has made a contribution. The critic may comment: ‘A pipe dream’  ‘Illusion’ ‘Not possible’ Our reply is ‘Look again, many of us are making it happen.’

LizianEvents organise brilliant Well Being Shows – Many LizianEvents News guests can be met during the events: The Community who makes the shows are fascinating and will offer suggestions and ways to become a Well Being – Use the form below to be kept informed about the Well Being Shows and Community:

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