Is it that you have met someone that feels familiar to you and where you instantly had a strong connection as if you have known them forever? To delve into the subconscious mind to unearth your past lives memories you may discover past lives lived together in various roles. 

When an individual embarks on the journey of past life regression, they can uncover many unresolved issues in this life that may be attached to past life memories and emotions.

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Perhaps you have woke from a dream and felt it so lucid and real you feel as if you were there, you may have been acting out past life memories. 

Sometimes you can have a recall from a thread deep within your memory banks and know it is not a memory from your past life and wish to explore it further. Children are very susceptible to recall as their minds are less corrupt of the conditioning around us. They will often tell you about their other mum, family, friends, and places. 

Memories that can pop up in the mind can appear so real you wonder whether they are from another existence and want to investigate more. Other times they can appear as psychologic issues, trauma, or imbalances that you wish to release yourself from. 

A regressionist can help dig out memories that you find difficult to consciously remember because they are deep down in the subconscious. When you bring them forward you can understand and accept them, knowing it was a lesson and not a life sentence and move on. When you release this negative energy that no longer serves you, you begin to align your soul and bring balance back in your life. 

Many people are guided to a past life regression to release the karmic cycles of life such as relationships. Perhaps you feel you cannot express yourself in this life, it may be from a past life where you were so restricted that it is embedded in your psyche. You may be trapped in a karmic cycle, excarnating on earth again and again in similar situations because you are not observing the lessons in each life you were to learn. This can range from altering how you respond to certain situations, accepting opportunities that come your way without question and action them. 

You could be developing your personality over many lifetimes, learning how to treat others, learning how to protect yourself or developing your personality and gaining more knowledge along the way. 

A past life regression can highlight instances where you have picked up negative emotions, thought forms and patterns of behaviour. Guiding you to these memories will help you to release your soul from negative karma.

I ask a client to allow three hours for a past life regression as there is much detail uncovered, healing and alignment of the soul. 

You will uncover many chapters of one life and may visit more. At the end of life, we visit your soul family to received messages, to find out what your soul group does and why you are here today. We can also request permission at this stage to be reunited with a loved one passed, to receive messages of comfort and conclusion. 

At the end of a session I ask the questions the client has provided prior to the session. These can range from relationship issues, health, dreams, guides, to “was my dog in a past life with me”? Any questions that you want answers to. 

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