This week I was told a positive attitude would not bring customers to the market. The statement is worthy of review. Who would attempt to begin a project or work to an objective without a positive attitude? And the attitude has to be honed and understood. I have watched many people start a business with immense enthusiasm, and a year later, the company is floundering or failed – often positive thoughts have overwhelmed the reality of the projects, however, are the thoughts positive or hope? Let’s consider the facets of ‘Positive Thoughts’.

One has to understand anything we begin take’s time to flourish. And the initial stages of any project will be difficult. However, the unstable beginnings are masked by the feelings of hopes and anticipation. Later, we realise the plan is not taking off as well as expected: this is a universal lesson. And at this time doubt sets in and very often the self destruct pin has unconsciously been pulled.

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Positive Attitude

Before starting anything new, consider the effort, time and financial investments required. People do not realise how steep or long the journey from start to wow can be: for the plan to work, one has to understand the pitfalls. Patience is very much part of attaining any goal, and one has to be brave and force oneself to see the whole picture and reality. A positive mental attitude is essential: the two ‘P’s’ must be understood and accepted as essentials to future success. Positive – Patience.

When we wake at 05:00 and begin our work there is never a second to wonder if we are doing the ‘right thing’ or are we wasting our time. We may not see results immediately, but we know progress is being made for the future of our businesses. Nothing will take us from the path we have chosen. While some will spend a 100 on a meal, we’ll spend a 100 on the stock. While others sit in front of the tv for hours, we’ll spend time tweaking the websites: listing items or connecting to new people. And the connections can take time to make: nothing happens in an instant: most sound business relationships take years to nurture.

Profit or material gain is not a paramount objective: our preference is to cover overheads, pay a small wage and keep afloat: the excess profit is stored (Yes! Stored – Not saved) for unexpected situations. Ian remembers two business people who taught him lessons. One a businessman who drove an expensive car and wore a 2000 pound watch ‘He could never pay his bills – his priorities were an image, not substance’. The other (Ian explains) ‘An old man who drove a twenty-five-year-old Austin, his clothes were threadbare, and his shoes were resoled. I asked him if he took a holiday and his reply stunned me: “I have a house in Switzerland. I travel there four times a year”. His name was Solomon Lew, and he told me about thinking about money as seeds: “You either store it or sow it, Ian. If you save it: the bankers sow it and reap the harvest”. There is good reason to consider Mr Lew’s words with care.

Why am I reflecting on this? Because the individual who questioned my patient and positive attitude is wrong. The statement (A positive attitude will not bring customers to the market) is made from another perspective: one without vision. My positivity is wholesome: my positivity is within every aspect of our work. Yes! There can be a positive attitude toward any objective: however, do not mistake the word positive for hope. ‘I hope this will work, or I hope things will get better’ can be mistaken for a real positive and progressive attitude. The idea that success is a result of pure positive thought is, of course, flawed. However, if one understands success (in any aspect of our lives) is made from many positive thoughts and actions, the perspective changes to visionary.

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What is the Perspective? The Tunnel or The Light?

I’m thankful for every customer, from a pound box of incense to an expensive crystal: each one receives a genuine smile and gratitude. The sale of a box of incense is the fulfilment of the objective. The transaction is the acknowledgement for all of our effort and commitment.

To ignore the certainty of uncertain times ahead would be foolhardy. Millions of people live in the most unpredictable world. Blind optimism will not help those living in fear and consider their future as hopeless. No one can predict how or if there will be a full economic recovery. We are about to see the full implications and flaws of a global society. Many people write ‘We have to be positive’ ‘There will be new beginnings’ ‘Here is the opportunity for change’. How can these statements be relevant? There is no way to gauge the outcome, no way to envisage the future. However, there has never been a better time for a reassessment of one’s environment. Never a better time to define what one needs to be happy and have a realistic understanding of our fragility.

Do we choose to understand the difference between a continual flow of patient and positive thoughts and actions or blind belief in a positive attitude will overcome all adversity? I have an uncomfortable feeling in the coming months we’ll see a hardening of hearts and mood. I’m listening to people say ‘I’ve had enough of this situation’ – ‘This cannot continue’ and ‘The messages are unclear’ all thoughts are directed to the uncertainty of the present time and the future. My reply is never ‘You have to be positive, and this will not last forever’. My reply is:

‘You have hidden strengths which until now have remained unknown. You can make choices to keep you well and happy. Look at what you have: your home, warmth, family, friends and food’. In the statement, there are eight positive words:


Positivity is not one word – It is made up of ten’s of fascinating aspects of your life experience. Focus on the elements which are right and sound, and you will be prepared for any future event.

See You Soon
Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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