During the 1960’s Hippy era, the flower power followers used to say ‘Good Vibes Man’. While the dyed in the wool establishment did everything to undermine the good-vibes tribe, many of us now realise they were right all the time.

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Get Into The Vibe – Hippy Style of Course!

Many people write about vibrational energy and of course for a millennium sound therapy has been an accepted complementary and alternative healing therapy. The theory is everything has a vibrational frequency, and if our vibes are out of sync, we are out of sorts. If the body is bathed in balanced sound, it will adjust to a harmonious frequency.

Do not underestimate the potential of sounds and the frequency of the music. Research suggests that people do relax to gentle music and wake up to heavy metal! A fascinating aspect of early music is that instruments were not tuned to a 440z frequency: and many believe the lower resonance tunings calm the mind or are more comfortable listening.

Brain waves settle down to 12 cycles per second when listening to Bach’s Baroque music – The Writer Robert Harris talks of listening to Baroque music while he is writing. (Desert Island Disks) I agree with him: Bach’s Four Seasons are on my iPad and playing as I type!

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It’s fair to comment most people accept the relationship between music and wellbeing. How many of us ‘drift-away’ to the peace of a favourite tune and in the same way: a song can elicit happy days and tearful nights: Music is the gateway to the soul: Soulful: spiritual: uplifting: energising: powerful are all words which embellish the effects. I do not believe there is a subject which evokes so many adjectives. 

Music is with many of us from open eyes to drift into sleep. I once read an article (the Sleep Foundation. org) which suggested calm music will help with children who suffered nightmares. I feel there is something in the idea: I always rest better with music playing before sleep.

While music is of undoubted benefit, there is a situation when sounds can grate the inner-being. It is known as inharmonious-sound – have you ever started the day in a place of calm and finished agitated and cannot explain why? In this instance reflect on the days ‘sound experience’. If your ears have been subjected to different sound frequencies: the manic scooter boy revving his put-put hoping you’ll think he’s riding a G.P racer and thousand’s of city sounds blending into a vortex of noise horror: you’ll feel out of sorts! And if the home is made up of room sounds: tv ads: radio ga-ga: kids arguing: mobile chit chat: you are subject to inharmonious noise, and the mind is ready to blow a fuse.

Key to survival is knowing mixed sounds of differing frequencies are heat under the calm water kettle, and soon your blood will boil. It is possible knowing the source can turn the situation around. Stop! Know the situation and take steps to keep away from the danger area! And let people at home KNOW they are causing distress. And you are right: they will not take notice: however, you’ll gain a good understanding of how much they care. Tough? Yes. Life’s realities are harsh: the point is your wellbeing is essential to those who rely on your love, caring and effort. Being kind to keep the status quo is ok in certain situations, but pacifying every circumstance is not best practice.

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Noise! Sometimes Can Be Too Much!

Another suggestion is to limit your visits to town and city. Is it any wonder people go to the town every Saturday, spend money they cannot afford: are blitzed by the sound attack and end up in the bar drinking to ‘relax’? It is a sequence followed by millions. On the way home, they think or speak ‘I’m shattered’. If only they had chosen to keep the credit card at home and driven to the country or seaside.

Trees and nature talk: the whispering wind is the harmonious sound the mind craves. The seashore sound is sublime and within the womb of serenity. Walking through woods or even better a forest bathes the soul in the rustle of leaves and branches. Birds sing and we know animals are watching. Nature works for wellbeing: the light is perfectly soft and green and relaxing. If it rains all the better: the sound of water and the smell of ozone; You’ll never want to leave: cost nothing – benefit everything – health, happiness, calm and peace.

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Nature or City? Wellbeing or Stress?

And the mind batteries are being recharged. Days or weeks of audio assault, bad words, argument and the accepted hassle we should not accept are dissolved in the good vibes. Breath deeply, open one’s eyes. Allow nature to repair and revitalise the being. A shoulder bag containing water: sandwiches and a treat are the magical tools better than the Savoy Grill.

Get into the Vibe – Get into nature.

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