It does not matter if the plan goes wrong! Get up and Go! It’s time to consider making changes. Wondering what to do and thinking about the future? I’d suggest you make or take any move: rather than do nothing. We are in a time of change and opportunity. Those believing otherwise are welcome to their opinion: but from my perspective, this is a unique moment in history. And there can be no right or wrong to any plan: mistakes can be made, and there is every possibility of failure!

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Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out!

I’m sure you’ll think me crazy to make this statement. There is no right or wrong to any plan: many people believe the idea that we can be better by mistake: and there are unexpected benefits to being wrong. If we make mistakes a crisis, we may feel as if we are failures. My suggestion is the learning process is of interest even if the outcome is not as desired.

Professor (of Psychology Stanford University) Carol Dweck believes there are two mindsets: fixed mindset and growth mindset. If we allow ourselves to consider every experience as a part of growing nothing will hold us back in the longterm. If the mindset is fixed, every unfortunate result becomes an additional burden which prevents us making new choices.

I firmly believe the drawing board of your future has a new sheet of paper ready for modern design. Now, I’m not suggesting you sell up and move house! Nor is the suggestion one of taking financial risks or investments. The idea is to learn ways to make changes. If you desire to become a therapist, now is the moment to research the process. If you wish to work in collaboration with new people or find mentors: now is the time to send out messages of connections.

Consider change: 

One can make immense changes by connection to new people. Why not use social media to ask for help and advice? Now is the time to ask for guidance ask the question ‘Is there anyone who help me with my idea about XXXX?’: Do not be concerned about looking foolish by asking how or why: change your mindset! Come on, everyone one makes weak moves and sometimes big mistakes: but failure and setback are how we learn to win and survive.

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Or maybe now is the time for you to become a mentor. You have a skill or qualification which can become a small course. People love to listen to those who have experience. Why not run a series of Facebook lives? What asset do you use every day? How about talking about a particular recipe? Or giving money-saving tips? Do you have wisdom which people can use and need? Freely giving and a desire to connect is the way to grow and prosper.

So, take a few chances, connect to strangers and think about your attainments, knowledge and wisdom. Who knows where you’ll be taken?

So, why not take a chance?

Liz Clark: MD LizianEvents Ltd

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