My Darkest Day – A simple and poignant essay from Barrie John. Just perfect for the beginning of the week. Barrie is one of this countries most well known and popular Psychic – Mediums. His television appearances have a large worldwide following. He is a most approachable man, considerate and kind. No wonder he is so successful. Thank you, Barrie, for this article. ☞ Contact Barrie 

My Darkest Day

I suppose at times we all feel that we’ve been dealt the wrong card for the day or ended up with the ‘dirty’ end of a stick.  I suppose this is where the lessons in our life start and finish. It’s all about ‘The Learning’ for me and reaching that light at the end of the tunnel.

When we lose our loved ones, it doesn’t matter whether these are our friends, family or pets. That pain deep down inside lingers, with time it gets more comfortable, and the memories appear to be fade as we create our new pathways and our memories of life.

I learnt a long time ago that being spiritual doesn’t always mean doing what’s right for others. It’s about doing what’s right for us in the first instance, and this might say we have to be a little selfish at times. People come in and out of our lives like a light bulb turning on and off, they often bring us lessons and also knowledge, some show us the light at the end of the tunnel and how to reach it. When they leave our lives, I feel we should thank them for crossing our paths and for being part of our life and then allow them to pass on through to reach there own light.

Barrie John.

We can only learn from our passing light bulbs and remember that sometimes it’s their lesson to be in our lives and not necessarily ours for the learning.

Going forward we should open the door to new people and new ventures, let us welcome them into our lives. Some will stay for a short while and others will remain for an eternity.  I attended a friend’s funeral who passed too young (aged 53). It made me realise that life is far too short and that we should cherish it every day. Upon attending the funeral I was introduced to people who’ve now become new friends in my life, but in my heart, I know that these friends will be here to stay and help me reach my light. 

Being part of the Lizian community for me isn’t just about being part of a company or business; it’s about being part of the whole family. Each time I attend an event, I meet new members of the family and also public, with these contacts we keep growing our family. So try saying hello, trying being polite and try being a new friend in someone else’s life, you’ll be surprised how your life will change at the same time. A smile or wave certainly does go along way to change someone’s life.

Through my working years of some 25 years, I’ve helped people with contacts, venues, phone calls and information. I will continue to do this wherever I can, as I want to be your light to show you how to achieve what you want to reach.

My Moto – Why not be someone else’s light bulb and show them the way?

Barrie John

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