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If you meditate every day, one day you’ll realise you’ve become addicted to the exercise. By using meditation I have found I can control my whole day from the thoughts within the meditation.

Meditation becomes more potent if it has a purpose:

The traditional path:

The traditional path of meditation is: Settle down: steady the mind: consider a mantra or word and see what arises. One could encounter anything from internal dialogue to and answer to a long recognised issue. Sometimes there is no tangible reward: only a great feeling of ease and peace.

Alternative meditation:

Meditation can reset the mind into a more progressive mindset. Rather than following the traditional path: one could consider using the mediation as a ‘creative moment of change’. Taking ten minutes each morning to ‘set the scene’ for the day could change life for the better within weeks. Yes; one has to take weeks to make changes and beneficial adjustments to the mindset.

Think for a moment about an issue: any issue. For example, how to organise your day with more efficiency. Why not? Consider the way that each day progresses: During a meditation have a starting phrase of ‘How would my day be better organised?’ Close one’s eyes and gently let the mantra flow through the mind. Do not attempt to seek an answer: the essential factor is to repeat the phrase. It is surprising how better (after a few weeks with the meditation) your life becomes organised.

woman meditating in the outdoors

The point is for mediations to have a good effect: do not consciously seek answers! It is a remarkable paradox, and one understood by many successful people: the idea is not to focus on the solution: only the thought, word, or mantra.

Slightly away from the subject, but an excellent final word. There are two excellent life-enhancing questions which can be used every day: One: ‘How will this help my life?’ a question to be asked before any new idea or choice. Secondly, one can ask about poor historical (personal) options with this question: ‘How did this help my life?’ and of course if you’re following a poor mindset you will have the inevitable outcome! Both are potent life-changers for those who have an open-minded and progressive outlook.

Thinking about thinking is the way of success. Learning to understand centred thinking (meditation) is not sitting in an incense fragrance room, with psychedelic decorations and sitar background music is key to meditational success. Spend a few minutes with a phrase or mantra and see how your thinking will change over a few weeks. Short and uncomplicated thought activity is how to remember permanently.

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