Emotional attainment: Do you know the phrase ‘I’m letting my heart rule my head?’. What is wrong with allowing ones’ emotions to influence choices? The answer is nothing! Emotional empathy is a powerful way of making decisions.

If you think of something loved and then settled the mind to resonate with the feeling, it does not take long before the inner-being learns to reference the feeling received when making decisions. And the same method can be used to discover the emotional sensation of a poor choice. All one has to do is think of something which one does not like and then learn to resonate with the ‘feeling’ while considering the unliked situation.

If one spends time learning to reference and ‘know’ the difference between liked and disliked situations, it does not take long before emotional decisions become a beneficial asset while navigating life.

Recently, I listened to an eight-year-old say ‘There is nothing more beautiful than love’ – And to my mind, there can be no better testament to the understanding of love. And Alice’s statement is seed for further consideration. When we say ‘I love that person’ what does this mean? Because it seems to me, there are degrees of love and at the summit is ‘Unconditional love’ something which parents know very well indeed.

Love is a fuel tank! Which needs constant topping up with a fuel called awareness. Little acts of giving and sharing and mutual nurturing keep the flame of love bright and enlightening. If the flame is starved of energy, the dimness sets doubts in the conscious mind. So if you can, for someone you love, remember gentle reminders keeps their spirit and soul bright and enlightened.

For love between two people to thrive: consider the love as a cascade of support. One week a partner is having issues with work and family, and help is needed from her partner, and a few months later, the situation is reversed. Love within a relationship is likened to parental love, where a search for mutual understanding and reliable support are foundation stones of long term success. And one begins to feel the relationship grow like a tree: weathering any storm and basking in the summers of happiness.

There is a need to understand the truth of emotional potential. A judge has no interest in the impassioned pleas of the guilty. He knows the appeal is centred on the accused seeking a lighter sentence. In the same way, a mother knows when a child is attempting emotional blackmail. A spouse knows when the game is up!

Those who begin to understand and think about their emotional resonance will discover they resonate with more intensity to people: this is called empathy, it is something the judge written about a few moments ago learns through his climb to the seat of justice. He sees the truth below the accused. And Yes! He will make mistakes, but the majority of times he’ll make a sound judgement as do the people who take care and time to learn to understand about emotional resonance.

We know the saying ‘Healer heal thyself’ and the idea can take us into the realms of emotional balance. When we choose to make positive changes to personal thoughts: real magic can occur. Consider the situation of deep hurt, which has caused emotional pain. Rather than attempt to readjust the impossible to change past, why not consider the thought ‘Revisiting the situation will not heal my emotional being’? Or taking the idea to a greater healing height ‘I deserve to be within good and right emotional balance – to be strong, personally forgiving and accepting life for every episode is my way to emotional security’. Think about this with care: the sentiment is: ‘I deserve to be without emotional pain’. You see, life is one existence, there will be love, happiness, sadness and hurt: these are inevitable emotional experiences.

Emotional strength is discovered in understanding the power of love and the destruction of hate. One learns so much from understanding why we become angry with another’s acts or ways. If one is brave enough, we discover that the frustration is seeing our faults in the actions of another. Those we dislike are mirrors of our weaknesses, and it takes a brave and open-minded soul to review this thought. An emotional reaction is a signal from the inner-being that we should become aware of either good or bad. And being able to ask ‘Is this me I see?’ is one decisive way to long-term happiness.

Nothing worthwhile is easily attained. Within the experiments of life experience, there are many failures, and the successes can become moments of triumph, which are referred back to too often. Previous glories are indications of success, not a successful life. Anyone who takes the time to consider their true self, real desires and right emotional needs with thrive in a complex world: this is not a simple task: it is one for the brave-hearted and forgiving.

As we take time to nurture our emotions: and face loss and pain and episodes of deep despair as evidence of a life well-lived: situations and the future begins to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of existence. There is no right or wrong way, although there is a clearly defined difference between right and immoral acts. One chooses to relate to and choose happiness or drown in the tears of the past.

There is not one of us who has not caused pain to another: not a one. And each human has a deep emotional wound within their soul. Personal feelings are either harnessed as mentors of the best standard or allowed to become gaolers of the soul. Many believe the emotions cannot be controlled. The question is ‘Do they want to be free of the pain which gains so much sympathy?’ Lonely people stay lonely because others become tired of their burden; few admit the harsh truth. Is it any wonder the bright and vibrant and free from emotional baggage thrive and are surrounded by great friends, right family and a long term and gratifying relationship. Those who care for their emotions, look to the future, know life can be emotionally challenging seem to have the best of experiences.

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