Spiritual Attainment: What is ‘Being spiritual’?
It seems to me there can be no definitive answer:

The world has changed so dramatically over 2020. It seems many social and moral values will readjust beyond anyone’s expectation. One could comment we are at the begging of an epoch. Indeed, changes in laws which influence human rights and freedom are taking many people out of their ‘comfort zone’. We see how far the establishment are prepared to impinge on the human’s right of choice. The kind of heart understands the relationship between freedom and the ability to thrive; there is a significant concern for the future. And if you believe this paragraph is centred on the pandemic, think again.

You see, the fear for many of us is the need for the establishment to enforce the measures. The lack of social responsibility is the reason for the restrictions. We see friends falling out on social media posts: neither take the time to read extensively about their argument. We see the terrible racist issues rekindled across the world: we see long term destruction of social systems which have taken seven decades to build. And Yes: our previous system was far from perfect. However, the seeds of the future seem bleak and uncompromising: worse of all is the building of personal barriers where basic levels of mutual trust are ended.

Some of us now enter into the soul of our being to assess how to strengthen and help the conscious mind navigate daily life. One could consider a warm soul lit by a bright spirit is the way become tranquil and without discord. You see, the daily strifes and conflict, poor news, unhappiness with the establishment have no solutions: therefore no reason to be beneficial. The issues are so maligned, so vague, attempting to see a defined truth has become impossible.

Most human’s find it impossible to say ‘I am wrong’ or ‘There is another point opposed to mine which must be considered’. For example, scientists say God does not exist: and yet, in the minds of millions, an all-powerful entity does exist, they fight to the death in pursuit of their beliefs. Eventually, the horrors inflicted by both sides (who are both correct in their minds) will take the feuds far beyond the initial reason for conflict. So is there a point to attempting to find a solution to the unsolvable?

Some choose to rise above the material and physical and scientific aspects of the world: and take steps to warm the soul and enlighten the spirit. And, everyone who takes on this task does so in different ways. Some will seek a mentor: and others will choose to break through a threshold: and many will spend their time in a desert of solitude. The purpose of the quest is not to find understanding, wisdom or knowledge. Their work is to find inner peace from external conflict. And this is not to say they ignore or dismiss the near insanity of the sane. All are aware of the impossibility of humans forming an accord or working to common purpose rather than joint destruction.

Acorns are while unseen during the stages of sapling to tree: each one takes their food and support from the common ground of the forest. And while they are insignificant, they’ll watch the wolves and foxes prey on the weak and sick. And as the season’s pass, lightning will strike, and disease will rot great trees. As the acorn becomes oak it will see, man-unkind cut down trees without replanting or caring for the earth which provides a temporary wealth. Some hundreds of years later they are great oak, once taken for the great man of war sailing ships, now in danger of man’s desire for transport and beef (descimation of the rain forests) and the beauty of their grain (furniture and status of wealth). In its fear and sadness, the oak takes solice from watching its acorns fall to the ground, and it knows there is a future, and while one tree stands, there is an opportunity for hundreds of new oaks to grow: this is nature, the power of something more significant than destructive man.

nature red forest leaves

Enter The Forest

Many spiritual people are like acorns: accepting their insignificance and knowing they have made some contribution during a lifetime. Some will be taken early; others will grow taller than all others. Many spiritual people become creative: artists, writers, filmmakers, documentary makers. All contribute to the symbolism of the real being. Creativity brings peace to mind and gives purpose to life. Creative people sacrifice all to follow their beliefs, belief in themselves, their being, their thoughts. Many die in poverty, their name and work of art make millions for those who, later, possess the representation of their being in the symbolism of their pictures.

To my mind, the spirit is like a flame which twinkles like a diamond in the soul. And the soul is at the centre of the being. In many, the flame is extinguished. They have no enlightenment to give, only rule to by force and fear. And this occurrence is on many levels from the beggar kings in third world countries: to the media barons in the west: to small-minded and greedy managers and small-business owners. Of course, there are those who have beautiful ethics and morals, who said a business-person could not be a spiritual being?

A spiritual quest can be to learn to rise above the situations which cannot be understood. There are few answers to be discovered in warring egos and those who are blinded by greed. An alternative is to seek deep inner peace and understanding of one’s self. It is a lifetime’s work which can not be seen by anyone else. A human can only enter the landscape of their mind, their truths, right morals and ethics: and this is a hard choice, because, each one will fail during the quest, time and again.

People who desire to grow like acorns know they can be sacrificed like an oak. They know no matter how strong the trunk, branches and leaves, there is always something more robust or a disease which will take them from life. But, there is a certainty, while they live, they will be seen as healthy and beautiful: from their branches fall acorns of hope: they know their vulnerability.

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  1. What is being Spiritual?

    A simple question with a multitude of answers.

    For me, it is about looking within, and asking questions without.

    The end of WW2 witnessed the man- made creation of the Atomic Bomb which could destroy mankind, and mass production turned to peaceful ends, mass materialism. With that came a sense that mankind was in control- we could even go to the moon. With Western Society in the vanguard of that drive, the need for religion diminished, replaced by materialism.

    History shows us that humans are only tamed by war, famine, drought and pestilence. Covid 19 is in the latter category.

    All of a sudden our wealth counts for nothing, and our science is beaten by mother nature. Spiritualism is about what we are, not what we have. Events like the Covid 19 Pandemic naturally highlight this.

    I do not know how pivotal the Pandemic will turn out to be. It has certainly raised some questions. How do doctors who are overwhelmed decide who lives and who dies? How are personal freedoms balanced against the freedom and needs of the group? Does traditional democracy work in a fragmented society? Do dictatorships have their place in getting things done while more democratic groups are still trying to decide what to do? Is a camel a horse made by committee?

    Any group is made up of its component parts. Its strength may be measured by how strong the weakest parts are, not how strong the strongest parts are.

    If we can be the strongest person we can be spiritually, so everyone benefits.

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