A few answers:

Yes – you can pay cash for purchases:
Yes – face coverings are part of the guidelines:
Yes – there will be hand sanitisers and stallholders will have them available for customers:
Yes – common sense and government rules will apply
Yes – we will keep everyone updated with the schedule and trader lists

No – we cannot guarantee the market will open
No – we cannot offer an idea of footfall
No – there will not be stage productions

We provide the tables for stall holders to use
Electricity supplies will be available – but limited
The space is for a six foot table – with two meters to both sides and behind the stalls (this is SAG ruling)
A minimum of three metre space in front of tables is in the layout plan – we’ll probably exceed this distance

The final number of stands will be approximately 70 at Lincoln and 40 at Newark: The space between stands is the limiting factor. We must make sure the space is in excess of agreed parameters

You can book now – you do not need to place a deposit – however – because of the limited stands and demand for spaces. If you fail to attend when booked table fees are still chargeable. Stall holders must make full payment one week (or before) the date of the market. If the market is cancelled by third parties stall holders will receive their stand fees: less £5-00 administration fee.

Please remember: like or loath the guidelines and rules the government now sees the importance of keeping businesses trading. We have chosen to adapt the events into markets. The Newark Well Being Market was an immense success and we can build on the format. Adaptability is key to our future, and by ‘our’ the meaning IS Community and Visitors. The situation is uncertain and without president: but we can make the best of what is available and work for the future of our Well Being.

We have the space and venues to run these markets: We have an amazing relationship with the authorities and venue management. We have the ability to organise superb Well Being Markets and keep Community connected to their customers.

We can open up these spaces into great Market trading areas and we have a few ‘surprises’ ready for the Visitors! With security and guidelines in mind we can make this different – secure – worthy: The Markets will have Space and Security.

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