As many of you know, I’m swamped in all areas of my work: Hypnosis, healing, readings and Mediumship. It should come as no surprise the last months have become hectic with people seeking help and reassurance.

It would help if you considered I do have opinions about the present situation, and they will not be aired in this article. Indeed, I would not focus on the current situation during a consultation, even though my clients seem to need answers or guidance. Let’s be clear, the confusion is so great, and the worries so profound, many people are seeking spiritual direction as a way to find respite.

Do not think, and I can offer one set answer to help people in their plight. Every reading has a different approach and sentiment. It is my work as a medium to work with the spiritual forces which surround the client, and on most occasions, we find a way to bring peace and closure to reoccurring concerns.

Sometimes there is only the shortest or most fragile of connections made. And I’m still surprised how one sentence or even a word can take my client from an agitated state, to one of peace: this is the way of Mediumship: it does not conform to a single formula. Every client brings something new to the library of readings. The relationship between myself and the sitter is one of great dignity and solitude. And I’m honoured to be trusted with this most powerful of gifts. When I write of dignity, it is when we work on the highest of levels in a dignified and reverent way. And the solitude is needed to allow the spiritual force to enter into the sitting.

Many spiritual people believe ( as do I ) that the highest degree of Mediumship is healing. And goodness knows humanity needs healing during these most troubled of times. I think that everyone one of us can ask for, and receive help from spirit. My knowledge is: when the conscious mind is troubled, the spiritual self emits a beacon of energy which asks for assistance: the spiritual being sends out a beacon of vibrations indicating the need for healing. And mediums can be the conduit of the healing.

And this is why Mediumship can help during this most troubled of times.

During a sitting with a medium, it is acceptable to ask, not for a message, but deep healing of the spirit and soul. An excellent medium will be happy to sit with a client for an hour or so while he or she will concentrate on surrounding the client with love and kindness. As the medium connects to his or her guides, the force becomes a potent healing experience. Many sitters are surprised that during the session, they feel, see or hear the presence of loved ones in spirit: this is a great awakening and a peaceful way of physical, mental and spiritual healing.

You can also work with your guides during meditation. I do not doubt if the intention of the mediation is for spiritual healing; the results of even short reflections will be excellent.

Use this method:

Sit in a comfortable chair. Light a candle and burn incense. Gentle music is more than acceptable. Close the curtains and make the room as relaxing as possible. Set the intention of making a place of serene peace and calm. Before the mediation, think about the purpose of sitting in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Now think about the purpose of your meditation: in this instance: the intention is for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Now sit comfortably and meditate on being surrounded by spiritual masters and healers. Concentrate on this thought for five minutes or so: you’ll probably sense the presence of great healers: either known or not! This awakening means your spiritual being is recognising the purpose of the meditation. Remember, I wrote about the spiritual being sending out a beacon of vibrations for healing?

Once one is happy with this feeling, as you will because it is in the light of true love. It is now acceptable to ask the gathered healers to bless and cleanse the physical being. Take time with this: and remember the thoughts and sensations. Some of you will see images, either lights or manifest beings.

Soon there will be a feeling of happiness and security. Now ask the gathered healers to come closer and bring respite and peace one’s thinking and mental reasoning. Ask for deep inner peace and calm and healing. Your mind will probably settle down, and even the greatest of conflicting thoughts will not cause agitation. The ability to think without conflict is an indication of profound spiritual healing.

The last aspect of the mediation is to ask the gathered healers to cleanse and purify your spirit. I assure you, you’ll have the most beautiful experience at this stage of the meditation. At the early stages of this mediation, you may only feel deep inner peace and love, but later on: do not be surprised if you gain insights about your life and life path. You may think about, hear or see anything from buildings to people, to angelic vision. Be prepared for a profound experience.

Your thoughts will guide you when the meditation is about to end. During the transfer from the spiritual realm, drift and allow your thoughts to go wherever they are guided. Soon you’ll return to the present time, and you’ll become aware of your body and the room around you. Open your eyes: stand up and welcome yourself back into the manifest world.

The meditation ends.

There is no need to perform any ‘protection’ ritual with this mediation. You are working on the highest mediumistic level: the level of mediumistic healing. Do not be surprised if you gain great benefit from reading this article. Even thinking on a worldly level about the mediation is sometimes enough to activate the process!

So, I’ve answered the question: Is Mediumship Helpful During the Present Crisis?

Indeed connection between the spiritual realms and your conscious being is beneficial: always was, and always will be!

John Richardson

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