From time to time, we encounter situations which result in our defending our corner. I’ll not make apologies for ‘defending our corner’ our work is to promote the work of Community Members and Stallholders and anything which could damage the hard work invested by the Community will always be robustly countered. And if we are wrong and an opinion is accepted as valid. We’ll make every effort to rectify the situation.

If a comment is made: and the choice is to ‘defend or corner’, it is accepted that sometimes we’ll lose a few followers and friends along the way. Some may not like this approach, but the point is, they know exactly how we will reply to comments either good or bad.

We do not run an illusion. Fairness and clarity are paramount to our work. There is no need to evoke emotional sentiment or false representations. Those who decide to work with us know our exact standpoint. No one will ever find an excuse. The opinion is black and white.

Use of sentiment is often a method used to hide a poor decision. So are messages have to be clear and precise. Our feeling is: hit the nail hard on the head: and be clear about the choice and reason for our actions. For example, it is our choice to refund stand fees less a five pounds administration fee if extraordinary circumstances result in a show being cancelled. We see this as beneficial to our reputation. We do not have to make excuses or fall back on clauses in the terms and conditions most people do not read. Yes! The T&C’s do have forfeit clauses: but extraordinary times call for exceptional choices.

Many feel we are materially-minded: of course, we are: we have the final responsibility to those who we work with: Do you want emotional excused or fairness and moral ethos? The new markets and show being announced for 2021 will be run at cost. The feeling is, there will be difficult times ahead and our choice is to make sure our portfolio of events and the people who invest in the future must be prioritised. The directors of LizianEvents Ltd work for the company. At the moment, we choose to work without wages. We do this to keep the company afloat and our bank account healthy.

The financial commitment to daily posts, websites, social media, podcasts, MP3 downloads is over 10 thousand each year. We are not playing a game: our longterm objective is to build a substantial events business. This year has reset our plans: we have to readdress and change many methods used to promote and organise the events. Indeed, our dedication and faith in the future took us to a new and colossal venue yesterday ( 23 October 2020 ). While others talk and write about risks and conscience: we see the lot as the way to go: in other words, there has to be a commitment and desire to work for longterm success.

There has to be a clear basis of trading between LizianEvents Ltd and Community and Stallholders. And this is achieved by the rules and guidelines drafted when LizianEvents Ltd started to trade. We do not move away from the guidelines. To do so would invite people to question our ethos. And we accept people will not understand the hard way our rules are pursued. This is a reflection on human nature: any people wish to be part of society and become angry when they have to follow its laws. And sometimes this means explaining our position. If you ask a question: there is a clear and defined answer. For example, whenever we are asked about issues regarding third parties: we will always provide every email sent and received: so those who are looking for clarity or answers can make their assessment. There is no point in evading difficult issues: and we’ll always be open with our replies to comments or remarks.

When a group of people make a significant commitment to a project, the project becomes an investment. Each Community Member and stallholder who stands at our markets and shows are part of the infrastructure of the events. Over the years, it is inevitable some attendees will not gel with or like the foundational ideas behind the organisation. That is the nature of events.

One should consider that we rented stall space at many events over fifteen years. And we still have every ‘show guide’ collected at each one. Some time ago, we spent some time looking through the hundreds of people who had attended and stallholders. Of the hundreds listed in the small booklets: there are less than twenty (before 2017 when we ceased to stand at events ) who continue with their work. Of course, I have opinions why this is so: and have written about them many times: there is no point revisiting this opinion. The fact is mentioned, because, I see immense strength and long term continuation of businesses with the Community and Stallholders who invest their time in the Well Being markets and shows. We offer, fair priced stalls, great opportunities for promotions of stallholders work, brilliant venues and fairness.

We will always ‘stand our corner’. If there is any situation where our work is questioned. We’ll counter the allegation or comment to protect the investments in time and money made by The Community, Stallholders and the businesses we work for: and I accept many will disagree with this policy. Some people feel it is best not to clarify or offer an alternative viewpoint: by ‘letting the dust settle’. I see silence as either fear or ‘something to hide’ or ignorance. So we will continue to ‘stand our corner’. Indeed, the policy will mean we’ll lose a few friends on the way. But we also gain ten’s of followers who appreciate the openness, ethos, and fairness.

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