I know we become frustrated with hackers and scammers. Many of us have patience pushed when we see ‘strangers’ jumping on to Facebook lives: emails etc. The interlopers seem to think they have a right to advertise or promote their work on the back of established people’s endeavour.

Should we be concerned about these people? My answer is no: we should not have concerns for anyone who wishes to act in this way. Because the fact is: we see through the laziness and selfish act. I am John Richardson, and no one can be me. So, if someone climbs onto my Facebook live and offers readings or services, they damage the way people see them and their abilities, not a good move.

All of us who wish to work as healers and mediums take many years to build a reputation. We have to spend hours meditating, reading, attending groups and training to provide the very best for those we work with and offer care and support. And for all of this effort: the rewards are not always financial. Our reward is seeing the smile and feeling the gratitude of those who place their trust in our ability.

From my observations, spiritual people are sensitive and aware of the spiritual essence of others. We do not receive a ‘message’ saying ‘The person before you is generous, kind, loving or of poor character’. No, we ‘feel’. You know, that ‘certain awareness’ the feeling of good and sometimes the feeling ‘we should take care’. Of course, all of us have flaws; there are moments of anger, frustration and dislike, with situations, people and life. Anywho believes we can always ‘turn the other cheek’ ‘blindly forgive’ or ‘always do the right thing’ fail to accept the complexities of life’s journey. Once we accept we cannot always be right or know the answer. Life becomes easier.

When we see someone act selfishly or greedily, and their act is interfering with people’s life or part of their life: we can become agitated: resist the feeling: do not allow them to affect your wellbeing! Remember, the individual causing conflict is damaging their reputation, not your’s. A reputation can take years to build and minutes to destroy. So, when ( for example ) someone highjacks Rick Paul’s Facebook live, not only is Ricks time and followers being taken: the individual concerned is damaging their reputation. If they seriously think they will gain clients by advertising on Rick’s ( or anyone else’s) Facebook stream: they will be wrong. Surely highjacking a live stream suggests their intentions are poor?

So, where are my thoughts taking the reader? Well, I am suggesting our actions are how we are assessed. And while we think people are not acknowledging a low act: you can be sure they are watching and forming an opinion.

Good mediums understand this point: one worthy of close consideration. Because I am convinced, spiritual connections can be limited or even closed by one’s worldly actions. It is almost as if, connections of the highest order become closed to those who hurt or affect the wellbeing and happiness of fellow humans.

No suggestion is made of living like a saint! My thoughts direct toward acting in the way of life which is for the most part kind and with love. Many people I work with on a spiritual level have a recognised kindness and generosity. We love each others company and help in difficult times. And there is a willingness to care for people less fortunate. All of us seem to have the time to offer kind words and support people who are in difficulties. One person I have in mind is a real giver and never talks of her difficult life. Her determination to overcome illness and poor treatment early in life would damage many people. My friend has used her experience to help people fortunate enough to come into her circle.

It comes as no surprise; my friend is a brilliant medium and healer. And I can say, without doubt, I’ve never heard her speak ill of anyone. Her connections are excellent, and her reputation is second to none. Am I surprised by her ability? Of course not: my friend ticks every spiritual attainment. Kindness, love, happiness and overcoming adversity are words of attainment: what more is needed to make the most brilliant spiritual connections?

My suggestion is we will often encounter people who fall short of our standards: this is the way of life: but when we see someone acting selfishly or greedily, they are demonstrating their true self. Never has there been a more critical time to review spiritual values, to question one’s motives and acts. The majority of us have excelled over the last year: we have come together and offered support and friendship without question or reward. And I believe this is why many of us are talking about’ Spiritual Awakenings’ and not spiritual guidance: the awakenings are happening because many people are acting in a better, kinder and more loving way: therefore, the spiritual being is becoming enlightened.

So when we see someone who is ‘taking advantage’ of another person’s hard work, remember, they are revealing their true self. And it is possible they do not recognise they damage their reputation. Do not concern yourself with these situations: follow your convictions and show love and caring. It is not always possible to give money or help people who are far away. But remember, your kind thoughts will have a beneficial effect both for yourself and those who are in your prayers.

You see: the lesson is this: The selfish and greedy are like a camera flash; they illuminate for a fraction of a second, blind the viewer and are gone. The spiritual person is a candle: flickering in the wind and gently guiding the way for those who are lost.

John Richardson

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