The definition of the word Milliner is somebody who makes hats. The first question that spring’s to mind is how I could translate this knowledge into an article about well-being and mind management. For me to achieve insight into a subject, it is essential to look at a person’s methodology and then consider what results could be achieved by using it. Personally, I look closely at what I am trying to achieve, and I set out my intent which is the desire to inspire. I hope that my words inspire thought or offer a different perspective; this may, in turn, lead to changing the course of one’s life.

My method is simple; I grab the dogs leads and take them for a long walk in nature. I give my active mind permission to wander wherever it likes, and I await the results like a kid waiting for his presents on Christmas morning. There are always surprises to be had. I am a big believer that like making a cake if you put the ingredients in the right order cook at the appropriate amount of time at the correct temperature the vast majority of the time you will get a good cake. You might ask what can we learn from this analogy, well if we apply a consistent methodology every time and it is successful, then use that every time and the results will be the same. That, to me, is a recipe for success.

The foundation of my writing style is based on observation/intuition and consideration of my outer environment; I am guided to write when the time is right. Ian and I spend many hours discussing today’s issues: mostly without opinions being passed: forcing ourselves to accept them as they are, this is the power of flexible thinking and good mind training exercise. One discussion was focussed on throwing a word out into the universal energies and seeing what comes back. This article is in a similar vein: while out walking spirit gave me the word Milliner, I asked for further guidance.

To write as I do there is a process this involves thinking the word through and playing a word association game; this went as follows. Milliner references hats; hats are the plural of a hat, plurals are multiples of an object, I was slightly confused. Let us examine this further; multiple hats would mean many different occasions and many different outfits to wear them with. If I am experiencing another event, then I may well have to wear a different hat, the fog begins to clear the concept becomes more tangible.

I started my research by listing every job role I had since leaving school in 1988. I only had the one plan when I left school, which was to join the Army. The wish was granted and waiting for an enlistment date I worked t stacking supermarket shelves. Sometime after joining, I found it unsuitable and returned home, my career plans in tatters: I have winged it ever since! Recently, with a heavy heart, I entered job role number 28, 32 years on I find myself full circle working in a supermarket stacking shelves. To overcome the depressed state, I found myself in, I have found that I have needed to employ the power of critical thinking.

My friends: we are in unprecedented times. No doubt we see differing opinions of the rights and wrongs of the situation. Ally against an ally. Tribe against tribe. Ten’s of conflicting views and opinions: all leading nowhere. I needed to withdraw my energies for a while and go within, ask questions and wait for guidance. 

My inner being indicates: Be in a state of gratitude, live in the moment, times rapidly change. And so far getting through difficult times is 100% successful. I realised I needed to change my way of thinking so metaphorically I looked at my collection of hats. Each one is allocated to a job role: for example, an experience, a training course or some alternate way of thinking changes the current way of thinking by wearing them. The dilemma is always which one to wear. I initially chose my NLP hat to rationalise my thought patterns. Next, was my analytical hypnotherapist hat to remind my subconscious mind it is in charge. Remember, if you think the thought, then the view can be changed. 

Now is the time to examine my experiences to date; this meant seeing many hats, many different roles and all are interchangeable. I realised I am in charge, but the saying ‘action shapes destiny’ rings true. We now have a new path to plot, don’t like the thought, change it, don’t like the direction your life is heading change it. These were all words I have uttered to others many times; it was time to take some of my own medicine.

I feel it is essential to remain consistent with your thoughts and test them by application. The message is simple ‘overthink less and act more’! I recently worked with a client who said: ‘I’m slipping back into old ways and not getting the results previously attained’ I asked if he could pinpoint when the reversal started. Soon, we found the point where the old and stale thought patterns had returned. It is madness to expect good results by using a tired format, rather than discouraging the client. I allow him to flip through the limiting thought rather than considering it a problem. He was guided to view it in another way (different hat). Soon, he’d taken the setback from a concern to a reinforcement. It was also important to point out that however many years they had lived, sometimes, a significant issue could not be undone overnight and new ways of thinking require attention, persistence and maintenance if they are to flourish. 

My guidance is, never give up, get to know yourself, observe negative thought patterns and notice what they yield ( little in my experience ). Make appropriate, realistic changes to suit your circumstances. Take on board you are the total of life experience. Is there anything within that can be utilised to change the now moment? Don’t be afraid to discard the stale thought patterns that don’t work for you. Focus on the light and your light. Please remember I am always on hand to offer support to those that need it now whether that is guidance, readings or spiritual counselling, please never suffer in silence. 

My final words are these, never be afraid to change hats, you might not find the exact match, but then some of us make outfit clashes work. 

Stay strong and as always, much love, the WaistCoatMan.

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