I was delighted to be invited to exhibit a video of my work at Ingestry Hall on behalf of the About Face Project. 

The About Face exhibition explores the topic of the human face through multidisciplinary responses. Each response is unique and explores the theme from a different perspective offering its own individual story. The project gave me an opportunity to explore the changing faces of our lives lived as we incarnate to explore contrasting challenges this world offers us. 

Through past life regression, you can visit lives filled with love, peacefulness, and kindness. Your soul’s energy would increase awareness and reflect those experiences.

Equally, should you reincarnate to explore difficult challenges and visit a life filled with hostility and trauma, these too would be lessons of self-awareness. Overcoming fear, hatred and emotions may take many lifetimes. This is something you can explore through a cycle of relationships and experiences.

Watch Jane Reciting Her Poem ~ The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Self-awareness provides reflection where we can heal our soul and chose a more balanced life befitting our purpose. 

We may visit our past life memories in various ways. 

Déjà vu is one that many have experienced, that unforeseen and surprising feeling of “knowing” a place or landscape, yet you know you have not travelled there before in this lifetime. 

Memories, or childhood events that will re-occur in your mind as a compass, directing you to or from situations.

Such memories can manifest during your sleep state.

 A prime example of this is a video on my youtube channel (Jane Osborne past life regression) with medium Ian Greenwood where he would wake up in hot sweats and a feeling that he was choking on his own blood. Guiding him to visit the dream in a safe environment uncovered a life as a soldier in Nottingham against the King. He was attacked from behind and his throat swiftly cut. The memory of this fear was there as a reminder to always be on guard but no longer served its purpose. We worked on keeping the lesson but releasing the trauma. To this day he does not dream of the trauma of drowning in his own blood. 

Our fears are another example of how we hold onto trauma from previous lives. One client who you can visit on my youtube channel had a fear of heights. Exploring the root cause of the issue and homing in on the area of the body, the energy imbalance, where the fear lay, we discovered it tucked behind the eyes. It is not surprising to find people have ailments around past trauma, she suffered pain at the back of the eyes. 

As all energy has consciousness, we brought the energy to the throat so she could describe her experience. Using her voice, she told of a life in Europe as a young boy caught in a three-storey house fire. This was very traumatic for him and his family, the only escape was to jump from the flames, and as that child, it was the last memory that anchored in the psyche of the soul, which he brought forward in this life. Keeping the lesson in tack, we released the fear attached to it providing healing from trauma. 

These are just a few examples of how past life regression can heal issues of today. Re-aligning your soul, accepting the experiences learnt in that life and moving forward by healing the events leaves the client with a better understanding of why they reacted in certain ways. 

So, the next time you react irrationally to a situation or feel fear with no cause, you might want to ponder on where in your psyche the energy of that experience lies.

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