Time Out by Barrie John ~ Our lives are so fast-paced these days; we never think about stopping or slowing for a rest. Thus it often impacts things that are going on around us as we are ‘too busy’. 

Taking Time

Taking time is essential for our well-being; it brings about rest, peace and harmony from that busy lifestyle of running around and often running around for others too. Maybe now is the time for you to take a rest and relax, to allow your inner self to recover from the day to day role of life. We often don’t sleep well due to the busy life, which means are we are tired and exhausted, so why not make time for you starting from now?

When I want to take that time out, I often go for a walk amongst the woods where I live. I love the outdoors as there is no phones, no internet and no laptops, there is just peace. Walking through nature brings out that inner child in us all, we look around at the trees and shrubs, we hear the animals scurrying through the undergrowth or up tree’s. Often being outdoors brings back many childhood memories of growing up, climbing trees and picking up flowers. I believe that we get the most remarkable answers to our questions when we are outdoors away from the day to day life. Nature has a way of responding to us via its natural call of the outdoors, by feeling the wind and rain on your face.

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Why does life have to be so complicated?

Or maybe it’s us that makes it tricky? – I am not sure that we will ever know the real answer, but what I do know is that we can take ourselves away from it for a short time to relax and be at one again. Sometimes when we are so busy we miss some of the most precious things in our live’s, we miss our families growing up, we miss our parents growing older, and we miss out on friends parties as we don’t have the time. 

So from today: make some time for yourself. Take time out and value the things which are precious to you in your life. 

Enjoy your walk in nature and open your eyes to its inner beauty.

Barrie John

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