What Future? ~ Ian asked if I’d write a few words about the future. I wondered if he wanted to know about the future of stocks or my feeling of how humankind will fare in the coming years. He replied: ‘take it wherever you like Janine’.

An answer to the first question is: My time working in the city is long gone, and I no longer have the connections or interest to investigate a solution. One certainty is the speculator will pay for the professional’s losses. Financially, I guide people to keep their borrowing as small as possible. But most financial advisors will off this suggestion: and it is wise to care for every penny during the next few years.

The second aspect is impossible to answer. Who could know the way society will cope with the aftermath of this crisis? One comment would be: we live in a material world, and it is money or lack of funds which will dictate the short term future for billions of people. Indeed, one could consider the idea the majority of peoples live’s are ruled by money. And the better we learn to budget one’s finances, the more comfortable life will become.

When I listen to people, and my life is now one of listening, I sense a thread of concern for the world of which they have no control. Most have a distrust of media and politicians. So, I’ll ask, if you distrust their words, and you believe them as lies, why should they concern you? I know this is an unfair question and one which, most times causes frustration. As it should, because it results in the realisation, those who are untrustworthy dictate how we live: and we have no control over the madness.

It is hard to accept; the people considered as deceivers work believe they are right. An aspect of leadership which cannot be dismissed. Although, in this instance, one should understand all involved will become accountable for their actions. I would not like to be walking on the thin ice of their choices. You see, in the longterm, we should look to history: Few leader’s who control a crisis, eventually become victims of the situation.

Sometimes, I listen to people who choose to ignore the reality of the situation. A comment statement is ‘There will be new beginnings and opportunities’. Indeed, there will be new beginnings, and there will be opportunities. When a country and its society is decimated, changes are inevitable: and those who see the options will be part of the rebuilding of society. Although, the hard reality is only a few attainments will be celebrated and the many failures ignored.

Many people I speak to are insecure and frightened. They are aware of the difficulties and hurdles ahead. For them, there are no opportunities, only doubts and fear. When listening to them, there is a feeling of helplessness. Because, like many people, I have discovered no amount of positivity can overwhelm their doubts and insecurities. To a degree, these people are realists. When one knows there are hurdles ahead, the spirit and soul become prepared for difficulties. By accepting hard times, they will work one day at a time to better their future. A significant failing of society is to hide away from the reality of societies issues and hope that government will find the answers. And when government fails, which they always will, the people have a scapegoat: this truly is an insane situation. No matter how we see the crisis, the certainty is: there are no clear answers. Strangely, the feeling is, those who are slightly pessimistic have the most significant possibility of returning semblance of normal in the longterm. (This is only a viewpoint and I accept many will disagree).

If we review history, we discover no government (of any country) can provide solutions to the complexity of society. There are rich and poor, fit and weak, progressive and regressive: the variation of people’s ideas, ethics and morals mean there can be no middle ground. For a century, governments have attempted to make laws which are for the safety and prosperity of the citizens. Never once have they accomplished sustained security or balance. And they never will. They consistently venture beyond the needs of society. So complex is their view of humans needs; they fail to understand all most need is safety and health and happiness. Politicians offer celebration and public office as an indication of attainment. But look back at your countries history and see what is achieved. Ask the question now: a man on the moon, computers, internet, electric cars: Yes, outstanding achievements, but what about the poverty, poor housing, unfair education, and social repression? These are not a result of innovation; they have always been the horror of society. Significant profits made by corporations are not correctly taxed. And some would rightly argue, if they were to be taxed, the politicians would waste the money. We only have to look at the rampant corruption to know the selfish greed of the public servants.

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Protest Against Corruption?

To write of wealth and success is pointless. Everyone reading this article will know the reality of a consumerist society. And you may think you are not part of it: but look around your home and see how many items you own which are not used. Think about the money you have wasted over the years. Both unused items and wasted money are part of consumerism. And this is where our future is founded: waste and poor financial choices made today become the instability of the future.

Society is damaged. People will reflect on the last year. Some will realise this is a once in a century chance to make a real and positive change to their lives. The future could be in this thought: ‘For one year I will live the simplest life possible’. Why not take a year to consider your life: think about every aspect which is wasted and where you can make an improvement? I’m not making any suggestions. The idea is to evaluate who you are and how to make your future less complicated.

No one can predict the future: If they could, we would have known of this crisis. I read of a mystic who claimed to have predicted the situation. I do not believe this is so. Nor I do not think there is a hidden agenda: why would the super-rich desire to change a system which makes them more prosperous than your comprehension? For them, the structure of billionaire wealth works already. They need consumerism, and that’s why they need a solution to the crisis: be clear, if everyone dies, their system is finished.

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Consumerism Rules

Life is what you make it: society and life are fragile and weak. We have watched billions of people face the reality of the virus. Life has no fixed time scale: those who think they should live to eighty-plus years will always be within fear. And I understand the fear. But, people who take the real lesson from this situation realise life must now change and will live in a better way, health, security and happiness, which could become more important than wealth, trinkets and greed. Will this happen? It is doubtful, in eighteen months: most people will be back into their old ways: life returned to normal, people living a lacklustre lifestyle.

Do not think so? Then you will have to make the changes to better your life because the majority will return to the ways they love to hate.

Janine Love

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