Another enjoyable week of catching up with customers: I love the stories about their lives and families. It is great to know many are working hard to make the best of the situation, and all are determined to enjoy their Christmas’s. There is less than a week to the yearly celebration, and I know how hard everyone is working to make the best Christmas possible for their children.

Without the support of the hundreds of people who are part of mine and Ian’s lives, I wonder how we would have fared over the year. Never a day has passed without some form of communication. Emails, Facetime and Messenger, have become very much a part of everyone’s coping methods. I suppose without the internet connections we would have had an entirely different year! 

Of course, we’ll have a Christmas message for everyone on the 25th. But I’d like to thank the many thousands of people who have read these ‘Sunday Thoughts’ over the last year. A quick look at the statistics (sorry!) show the weekly articles have been viewed 14500 times. And when a customer at the LizianShop mentions that the like reading the weekly report. I confess to being very proud of the accomplishment.

When I first wrote the Sunday Thoughts, the objective was to write for two months and then finish with the weekly spot. I do not think we can do without the article today. I wrote up the notes, and Ian edits the piece. In the early days, there was news of shows and other event-related items. And it has now become a weekly post of personal thoughts. Sometimes I have received negative feedback for my stubborn stance on many topics, but in general, the feedback is positive. I will always be writing a Sunday Thoughts, and my words may become a little more robust in the coming months. 

I listen to many Community Members and have a real feel for their desires in 2021. And I will do my utmost to make sure every opportunity for busy and well attended Well Being Markets is given. I’m proud Community and Stallholders have stayed together over these troubled times. The knowledge that keeping in touch with Visitors and continuing the conduit of information will benefit us is 2021 should never be ignored.

It has been a long journey, and many people are tired and uncertain: But be sure of this: we will be here, ready for the opening of the Markets. We will keep you connected and give the best we can for your future. I’m not referencing stale and meaningless slogans. All of us are active and progressive and ready for the future.

The day will come when the Well Being Markets will reopen their doors. Visitors will return to the trading floor, and we will support them in their recovery. That’s the power of what Community, Stallholders and Visitors have created: You have made the future and the certainty of becoming more assertive, more significant and more influential in the years ahead. And I thank you for your support. There is plenty of opportunities ready for us to explore: new venues, a more extensive calendar and well attended Well Being experiences. Nothing will prevent us from working toward a return to a more comfortable and more productive future.

Well Done and thank you to all who have kept our dream alive.

Enjoy your Christmas: make the best of the limitations and continue with your positive attitudes.

Liz Liz Clark MD LizianEvents Ltd


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