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A lot of people are resistant to the idea of a “soul” because of how this term become wrapped up in religious superstition and dogma. People today are looking outside of the box in search of answers to re-occurring dreams, relationships and cycles of events, déjà vu, health issues, what is their purpose is much more.

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Where Does Your Past Begin?

Past life regression can bring about understanding to unanswered questions. When events are understood fears and phobias are released. In one of my case studies a client could no bear to be in an enclosed space, this was due to a past life as a child when he was wrongly thought to be dead: Link Here

Another client suffered betrayal and attachments: Link Here

Some people think the idea of past lives downright silly. But the concept of consciousness being able to detach from the body offers a lot of explanatory power when it comes to phenomena such as Near-Death Experiences, Out-Of-Body Experiences, astral projections, and even reincarnation. Before we explore the evidence, it’s helpful to remember that we do not need hard PROOF in order to be justified in believing in something.

Reincarnation is not something you can objectively measure in the same way you can measure a chemical reaction, so it may even be in principle non-provable using the scientific method.

Dr Ian Stevenson, PhD, former Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, spent 40 years researching reincarnation stories within children. According to Stevenson, the number of cases that are worth considering is so high that it exceeds the ability of him and his team to investigate them all. What seems to be more than mere chance is that children were able to accurately identify former acquaintances and relationships they had with people in their prior lives.

Most impressively was a Lebanese girl who was able to remember and identify 25 different people from her past life and the interpersonal relationships she had with them. His best findings were put together in a book called Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.

Verifiable memories of past lives

It was not uncommon for Stevenson to encounter a child who could go into a town he had never been in before and give him the details of the village, former personal belongings, the neighbourhood in which he lived in a past life, and the people who he use to associate with.

Birth Marks

Facial recognition software confirmed that there was in fact a facial resemblance to their alleged prior incarnation. Some had birth marks on places where they allegedly suffered fatal wounds from in their past life.

When we take all the evidence together and look at it without religious or scientific bias getting in the way, it seems as though we are not only justified in believing in reincarnation, but it also may be the best of all explanations for the strongest cases.

They were often dramatic and sometimes bizarre lesions, such as malformed digits or missing limbs, misshapen heads, and odd markings. Something which interested Dr Stevenson was the phobias that were developed from past-life traumas.

We can infer the reality of the soul because it is the best explanation for all of the given data. There must be a non-physical part of us (consciousness itself, perhaps) that contains memories that leaves our body and then enters into a new body.

The evidence for reincarnation is undeniable and cannot collectively be attributed to chance or any other physical explanation. If reincarnation exists, the soul exists.

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