Everyone has listened to the five magical words ‘take one step at a time’. Few realise the potential of the message. It seems humankind becomes further alienated from this powerful mindset. Is humankind becoming alien to patience and careful progression? Should we consider our capacity to change and evolve could become a reason for difficult times ahead? 

Most people over thirty claim their childhood years were better than today. Ask them why and the answer will be ‘They just were – we had more freedom’ or a similar sentiment. Is this a self-limiting belief? Are people frozen in the past? Do people become resistant to change? Does the fear of change or fear to adapt hold one back from enjoying the fantastic potentials available?

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Past Memories Always Seem Better

Casual research evidence’s 10% of available mental capacity is utilised. Therefore, the hustle of today’s existence is well within reasoning ability. If this idea is correct: why are people burning out seeking new tools to be happy and content? I doubt there is a day that passes where a new ‘life-changing’ or ‘life-enhancing’ app is not seen on social media pages.

Although, if we delete the applications and refocus on our potentials, the phone can become a fantastic progression tool and help us enjoy life. And I am aware some people will resist the temptation to use their pocket computer to best advantage. Those who take the time: One step at a time, to realise the pocket wizard’s full potential can make their lives easier.

Consider This:

Most young people have a different perspective on the so-called ‘freedom’ days of the past. A child can own a £1000 iPhone and have every facility needed to navigate life. They can enjoy video chats with friends without straying from their bedrooms. The phone can take photographs, make holiday films, and be used for information when researching school work. The possibilities of the iPhone or Galaxy communication system is fantastic. And in reality a cheap alternative to soon forgotten toys and gaming programs. If a parent were to total a year’s worth of presents and treats: The 800-1000 pound mobile communication computer would seem cheap.

If I’d owned an iPhone in my teens: I would have saved thousands on cameras and film. Books and notebooks. Letter and stamps. And no doubt spending a few more moments thinking about other savings the argument for a child owning an iPhone would be strengthened.

Far from being a restriction or limiting a child’s intelligence and safety, the pocket computers expand horizons. Safety? Yes! A deal could be struck: If a pocket wizard is purchased then the ‘Tracking App’ should be activated when they leave home. Not for the reason of checking up on their activities: but as a way of finding them in an emergency. Of course, there would be resistance to this idea, and many parents have great trust in their children, so this is a suggestion, nothing more.

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Meeting HumanKind on a Park Bench

An astute reader will see the possibilities of owning the pocket computer. And here I write of any age group. The instruments are ‘stepping stones’ to our futures. We learn about the environment. News trends and access our bank accounts: shopping in the supermarket, and paying for products. The phone will do all and if considered as a tool to make life easier the perception changes. 

Health improves with every generation, and life expectancy is extending from an average age of 70 in 1960 to 80 today. It is the right direction and with a falling population (Wiki Article). The planet’s future seems better than a century ago. Is it possible the ways the population could slow down? Is the paradox of discord: people desire peace and calm and seek more interests, trinkets and experiences to fulfil their lives? The wizard can help us enjoy life, save time and slow down.

Imagine if one becomes disciplined (one step at a time) to consider the pocket computer can make life easier. From banking to reading a digital book, the most enjoyable and straightforward tasks can be completed or enjoyed. The possibilities are endless. I tap the screen of my wizard to produce this article. In a few moments, I’ll open my WordPress app and ready this for publication.

I know the article is flawed and could be better produce on my desktop. But here I am, sitting on a park bench, freezing and considering the possibilities of this idea. You see, we have in our bags a miracle of opportunities. Combined with the power of thinking we can influence life’s progress. The pocket communicator is a conduit to health, happiness and creativity.

The creative can take images: write a few words and produce a brilliant social comment. A  real journalist can video and dictate a superb and unbiased news article. You can record a podcast with a friend. A musician can write a world-class song. And the examples can be produced while enjoying the beauty of nature. Or during a half-hour break while out walking. The potential of creativity available is as far as the imagination can take you.

The potential of this tool is more significant than any magic wand or occult spell. With the right mindset and taking ‘one step at a time,’ it is possible to connect your thoughts to every member of humankind. Just the idea of this is almost impossible to comprehend.

With this magic wand you have the power to make a friend or enemies. Care or show indifference. Give or take. Help educate a child or expand your mind. Save or waste. Become millionaire or bankrupt. With the endless possibilities the wise understand it’s amazing potential for success or failure. Few will understand the true sentiment of this article. For those who do, the world is at their feet.

So, from a park-bench somewhere in Nottingham: To every member of humankind – see you soon.

Ian Timothy

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