At the end of this article, you will find nine steps to keeping you grounded.  

I thought last year had changed massively as the world is so different now veiled in Covid with many limitations and restrictions. From the trauma that every person in the world feels right now, there are also acts of hope and kindness that I have not seen in a long time. Whilst there is light at the end of the tunnel, no one will go back to the way it was. People used to rush around in their world, from work to home to event, to holiday to no rest at all. This pandemic has allowed us to look at our situation at work, family, and extended environment. Many have changed how they work, appreciated being home with the family, or crawling up the wall wondering where they will draw the strength to carry on tomorrow. A trillion thoughts of doubt cannot be suitable for us.

When there are more than you in the household, these thoughts will be multiplied. Imagine if you could see these thoughts drifting and floating through the air as you walk from room to room. You live in a thought congested world that isis invading your brain and impressing worry and fear upon you but their things we can do to help ourselves. Before I go for my daily walk, I open the house’s small windows to invite fresh air in and the negative, depressing, and full of fearful thoughts that are drifting and floating in mid-air around my house OUT. On my return, I spray the rooms with a protection spray I made for the shows. 

Not only is the world different for you, but it is also different for your friends, family and clients and nobody thinks that the world will go back to what it was. Business growth rules have completely changed. I decided not to chug along in a wave of confusion but focus my mind and turned the challenge into an opportunity by watching many tutorials on youtube about how Zoom worked before subscribing to set my platform to connect with the world. My reach was unlimited, and I was pleasantly surprised by Peru, Pennsylvania, and Madrid’s requests in the first few weeks. 

Transferring my funds usually put too one side for petrol, shows and hotels, I have invested in other ways; my new website will be up and running at the end of the month. I have subscribed to many platforms which keep me updated with new ideas and ways to work differently. 

Working as a past life regressionist via zoom has different challenges. If you give the tactics without the overarching or underlining strategy, it will not work because your ingredients are out of balance. I explain things in full during the zoom session and before the regression. You also need to have a strategy for when the internet is interrupted mid-flow a session and explain to the client how they will handle it safely. One client had just reached a beautiful trance state in Holland when the noise of drilling came from the flat next door. I quickly jumped on the opportunity that they were drilling down deeper and deeper into relaxation, right to the very core of their being. Sure enough, they went even further into a profound trance. There are different ground rules for your new way of working in today’s remote world. I practised with a few friends first before putting myself out on the net and highlighting and adapting many snags that came with working in a new way.  The big jump believed I could do it remotely.  

We were born knowing we have and are enough, and we came in with nothing but ourselves and the love around us. When we peel away the material, the years of conditioning and expectation love is what keeps us grounded. This can be the love of others or being able to love yourself. When we love ourselves, we believe in ourselves and feel more content. 

Loving ourselves is also about being able to give yourself a break when things do not turn our quiet as planned, and we really need that release valve right now.  

I do not beat myself when I find my keys on the fridge shelf because I put them away with the shopping when I came home. Or when I need to ring my mobile phone from the landline because I have lost it again. Last used during homeschooling hours when I snook off for five minutes in the bathroom to play scrabble while the grandchildren where on zoom classes and I left it on the pile of towels because they shouted: “Mama, we are finished, what is for lunch?”  

Many things are different right now, but I ask you to be kind to yourself and do what you can, with what you have today. It is enough, and you are enough, you can cope very well by doing what you can and leaving the rest. Your place may be a little untidier, and people may have to support themselves for a change as you take a step back, let it go, it will be there in the morning. Tomorrow you may have more strength, and you will get things done in half the time than if you tackle them when you are struggling.  

The difference in the world for me is using my new skill, in understanding not everything needs to happen today, to calm down and live in the moment.  

 9 Steps to Keeping Grounded

Take a Breath 

Taking slow, deep, calm breaths has long been recommended for getting relief in stressful moments. There are many breathing exercises out there that you can try. The next time something spills on the ground, and you feel yourself wanting to react, stop, and take a deep breath. It may help slow your reaction down just enough to where whatever just got on your nerves, and you can just let it go. 

Put things in Perspective 

One of the best tips I can give you on how not to let tiny things annoy you is to put whatever you are annoyed into perspective. If someone spilt something on your shirt by accident, is that the end of the world? Sure, you might not like that you are wet, and your shirt is stained, but guess what? 

Your shirt will dry up, and you can wash the stain out later. It is important to remember that if something is wrong now, it is not wrong forever. Things can be fixed. 

Think about other things

There are some bothersome moments in life we cannot quite get away from immediately. Whether you are stuck in traffic or a loud environment, sometimes you are just stuck dealing with something that bothers you longer than you want. The way I deal with these moments is I try to think about other things. Look at it this way. Using your energy to focus on how angry you are about something that cannot change immediately will not make it change faster. 

Why waste energy with anger when you can reserve your life. Instead, think about some positive things you look forward to when you can get away from the small something annoying you. While that will not change the situation, it’ll help distract you from it in a more positive way. 

Additionally, there is that 5-year rule we are all familiar with. In fact, I think a year will do just enough of the trick. Anything that will not matter a year from now do not let it affect you for more than a minute. I understand at the moment it feels like it really matters. But in the next moment, and then the moments after that, we know it is not really going to annoy us anymore. Why not get a head start and just let that small thing go now? 

Fix the problem Quick 

In other situations, there may be something that bothers you which you can fix immediately. Rather than blowing up about something small that you notice wrong, fix it. Not only do you eliminate the problem by going ahead and fixing it, but you save your time and energy that you would have wasted just being upset. 

Laugh things Off 

This tip on being unbothered is one that I have used a lot with people, some of whom deserve your time, others do not.  Why should I be upset by what other people say about me or a situation around me? I know who I am, and that is all that matters. The same is right for you too. You do not have to be annoyed by what people say about you, and you also do not have to be annoyed by minor mistakes you make. 

Just laugh it off and move it along. Now of course in more serious situations involving abusive language or bullying, you should seek help, as that is no laughing matter. 

Be Patient 

A hard one for me, but when I am in a situation where something is aggravating me, I try to focus on being patient. The thing you may be frustrated with within the moment may be something that will not last much longer. You do not have to let five minutes of something that annoyed you, turn into a whole day of being in a bad mood. Wait, and when it is over, be glad and move on to enjoying your day. 

Empathise with other People 

Sometimes it can help to think about the other person’s perspective that may be responsible for annoying you. Imagine this scenario. A waitress at a restaurant takes your order and then comes back with the wrong order. You could get angry at the server, or you could consider their perspective. Maybe it is their first day on the job, or have a lot on their minds. People are not always annoying us intentionally. Learn to forgive quickly if something someone did was not that big of a deal. 

Get out of the Situation 

This is a good last resort if you really struggle not to react in anger over something small. If you can do, get up and walk away. Some fresh air outside could help you cool off enough to let go of whatever little thing tempted you to react angrily. 

Manage your Expectations 

Sometimes an expectation of perfection can cause you to be more easily aggravated by a tiny thing that is not the way you want. Learn to accept that not everything will always be perfect. 

Be okay with minor flaws. If things look and feel good overall, that can be enough to be satisfied sometimes.

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  1. Brilliant post Jane the key for me all the way through all the current drama has been mind management and structuring my expectations. Thanks for the helpful hints I will be sure to use them wisely.

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