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Going Strong: LizianEvents Ltd

It now seems evident the country will begin to open its doors. Life will become more bearable, and people will start to enjoy the essential aspect of life encompassed in the word Freedom.

We are so proud of the Community, Exhibitors and Stall Holders who have stayed with us over the last months and kept our future’s healthy and with hope. And we will all benefit from the months of endeavour: the podcasts, videos and hundreds of posts and articles written by Community Members.

We endured setbacks: prevented the November 2020 Lincolnshire Market from going ahead due to the tier system. However, we all knew this was a possibility and over just short of ninety stallholders booked for the event. No one lost money, and everyone involved, while disappointed, accepted the situation.

The point is we tried and learned by the experience. Wellbeing is all about finding ways to become Well Beings. And this is what the Community offers to its Visitors. Every time and without exception. Setbacks are part of life, and when we cannot try or attempt to make some good out of the problematic situation, we have failed. To have tried and failed is better than never to have tried at all.

So the present announcements are one’s of great hope and future possibilities. We can go no further down. And those who have a positive and forward-thinking attitude will grasp the branch of new beginnings and planning for the future.

Do not enter the dark shadows of ‘we cannot be sure’ or there is no hope’ or ‘it didn’t happen last time’. Look to the future with every possibility of significant changes and a more relaxed way of life.

We choose to turn the Well Being Shows into Well Being Markets. Like every one of the Community Members, we can adapt and make flexible adjustments to make events happen. I know this to be true: interest in our work and feedback over the last months is nothing short of incredible. No doubt in our minds, the markets and future shows will thrive and enjoy excellent attendance.

And this is why we will announce an interim Well Being Market either 16-17 or 23-24 of April. We are waiting for confirmation of the date, and we will notify everyone as soon as we have the green light. We are prepared and ready to run, and there can be no doubt that enthusiasm for the event is massive. So, if you wish to be part of this landmark market: demonstrate positivity and faith in the future: Use the link below:

Community Are The Future

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