What is Past Lives Regression Therapy? 

Past Lives Regression Therapy is a transpersonal psychotherapeutic technique, which uses memory regression as an approach tool to gain access to deep-rooted memories from this life and previous lives. 

Through the regression technique, the person relives significant events of the past: this can be of this life or previous lives. The aim is to go where the emotional charge is still active. A moving charge (experience) could have embedded itself in your memory from this life, or it could be carried forward from previous lives. I will write of client experiences where possible to demonstrate the information in this article.

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Another Time Another Place

When the emotional charge is still active, it will influence the present, preventing you from acting freely. These symptoms can cause blockages such as anxiety, fears and phobias, to name but a few. By reviving the traumatic experience, which gave rise to the symptom, we allow the trapped energy to be released. You can relieve and remove many energy symptoms that have become trapped over several sessions. A client came to me with a fear of horses. Although not been in contact with a horse all her life, she had no idea where her anxiety arose. Through regression, we discovered she was male in a past life and during the battle, he was killed, having been trampled on by horses. Releasing the symptoms and the pain of the experience, she was able to gain relief and understanding. 

What kind of disorders can be treated with past life regression therapy? 

Finding and reviving the origins and roots that cause the current problems gives you access to the inner wisdom that helps improve your relationships with others and develop the creative potential for shaping your own lives. A Client would enter a relationship only to find two years down the line that would pull the dream from under him, and he would be alone again. Looking into his past lives, he discovered a life during the war. On return from battle, he found his best friend was having an affair with his wife. He struck out to her, and she was never the same again. He vowed in that life that he would never love anyone so much as to hurt them om any way. This emotional charge was the trigger that would come to life and abort all relationships that could form love. 

How easy is it to remember a past life? 

The actual session begins with a process called induction: this is where I will be lead you into a natural state of relaxation. Deep peace and calm are achieved using techniques of deep relaxation, visualisation, hypnosis, or combinations of these elements. 

Once an altered state of relaxation is attained: regression itself begins. In which we are guided to a forgotten time of existence or past life. The session’s focus will be the problem that motivated the consultation.

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Can You Remember?

Will I keep control of myself during the process? 

Many people have the misconception that some higher power takes over their mouth and body when they are hypnotised and starts to give messages. This preconception is not what happens in a hypnosis session. As a client, you are fully awake and aware of everything going on around you. You have control of your mouth and body. Your job is to express through words what you are sensing (feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing) when I ask you a question. You tell me what is experienced in your memory or what feels like your “imagination”. To traverse through these memories, we discuss the issues that you would like to address during our interview before the session. 

During my hypnosis sessions, there are times when loved ones, lost souls, extra-terrestrials, or other beings have a message for my clients, but that is not always the case. There’s soul-work to do. 

Will I be able to remember everything? 

The experiences in each regression typically have an intensity and vividness that can be evoked years later and are usually remembered as if they were recent memories. There are times when a client enters such a deep trance state that there are gaps of information. I record the sessions for your clarity, and it is always lovely to listen to them a couple of months down the line when you have processed the whole experience.

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Will I recognise people that I know? 

It is probable as we tend to reincarnate along with the same people over again. It could be family, friends, our most beloved and our most hated as well.  They probably do not look the same as now, they may even have a different gender or completely different roles in our life, but we will recognise them. I have a particular technique I use in this part of the session to instantly recall whether the person you are experiencing in a past life is with you (in another role) today. It is like meeting up with an old acquaintance after a long time of separation. In my case, my daughter was my mother in a past life! Some clients discover their partner was previously a brother or best friend. This part of the session can reveal why you behave in a certain way with particular people. It can highlight what challenges you contracted to work on and why some people are part of your life.

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