Here is something to try. It is so simple and effective not to experiment with the idea seems foolhardy. With countless articles written and tens of videos to be discovered about the subject: what is there to lose. It is possible you could feel you do not need to know about the idea. Do not even think it has the possibility of working. How could a pen and paper have such an effect? Or is that affect? The process may have an lasting effect.

As already written: millions of words and hours of therapy are dedicated to the situation. The past situation. The situations of the past restrict life’s progress. As many phycologists will testify: a single event can change one’s life path forever. A situation was so stunning it holds the victim transfixed in a moment in time. A human in a headline of their past actions or interaction. The vehicle of life spun on its axis: driven to review the accident: the conflict: the living nightmare time and again. Like the murderer returning to the scene of the crime. Growing moths wings to dive-bomb the flames of pain and retribution.

It seems impossible to consider the idea could even have a 100/1 against odds chance of success. Only a pencil and paper is needed. Take a pencil. And write about the unhappy and past issue with the non-dominant hand (the hand you do not write with). It does not matter if the writing is illegible. In has to be: difficult to write. Do not have patience. Write about the issue: in-depth and breadth: with accuracy and imagination. Please make no mistake. It is difficult to write with the non-dominant hand for an hour or maybe more: but work through the pain and illegible writing. 

Have no concern about spelling. Indeed, incorrect spelling without grammar is to be encouraged. Write with speed and keep on writing and after coming to the end of the episode. Write about the situation again. Not on a new page: but over the first. Keep on writing until the non-conscious becomes bored with the issue: time past, time went, time to move on.

When the exercise is finished, throw the mess away. Bin the scrambled memory to where it belongs. And once gone: try to remember the non-dominant written story. See the words over the words: confined to the mix-mash of past and none useful acts and issues. Time is right to become right thinking and open-minded. A new and fresh future awaits. Turn the time around: move headlong into the future.

Be Happy: Be Secure: Be Safe: Be Free

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