Ian and I will not turn away from our responsibilities or determination to keep the business we work for a thriving and secure platform for all who invest in LizianEvents Ltd. There should be no mistake we work for the business and we consider it as an accountable entity.

Never has there been a more important time for dedication and reinvestment into the future of this business. We have to demonstrate strength and the ability to answer any questions about the choices made for the future of The Community and Stallholders who invest in the business.

We made a well-defined choice to be a non-profit centred business. The centre premise is to reinvest into the infrastructure of the business. Paying well ahead in time for venue fees. Buying equipment to produce players and posters. Servicing social media streams with daily posts. And of course, connecting thousands of people each month with this daily newsletter LizianEvents News.

Many see the progress of this policy. And there certainly are those who wish to believe there are anterior motives to the way we work. Ian, I have no interest in the doubters: you see, there can be no argument with evidence consistency. And we are now into our eighth year of consistency. Those who know us: know us: they know we will follow the outlines of trading conditions without favour. Without a doubt, this has cost friends and stand holders. But there is a certainty – our actions are based upon accuracy: not imagination.

There are hard times ahead, tough times indeed. And we intend to make every moment of the future count. We are dedicated to helping everyone who is part of the Well Being Brand. And we have become The Well Being Brand: people say wellbeing or Well Being when referring to our genre of events, and the next statement is ‘LizianEvents well being?’ This is an inevitable outcome of constant and daily awareness across the internet. Awareness is essential in the days ahead.

multiethnic friends gossiping behind attentive classmate

Gossip Does Not Play A Part In Success

The Organisation?

Recently, we were asked a question about food facilities at the Well Being Markets. The question was ‘would food be available and would we have food eating areas available at our events’. The answer to this is simple: We have alphabetical checklists. Everything from air-freshener to water supplies is covered! In the F’s, there is food with subsections for menus and drinks available. And we have chosen to utilise the expertise of the venue’s designated food franchises. Would anyone run an events business and not consider refreshments and facilities? It is the food franchise that deals with the legal aspects of providing food. You can be sure they will not risk heavy fines or worse. In truth, a public member has not the knowledge or connections to fully understand the legislation. So, we have to trust the professional who does!

The advantage of working with large event venues is they work daily with local authorities, trading standards, and health and safety executives. You can bet your last penny when our markets open the doors: the venues will operate within the law and provide every facility to help Visitors enjoy their day or weekend.

Work With The Best Facilities

Market Status:

A few have suggested a ‘change of name’ is all we have done to open the doors. The fact is we used the model of Nottingham’s Victoria Market to model the Well Being Markets. There are no stage shows: children’s play areas: public talk areas: no live music: no chat, and mix tables: (all of which are cornerstones of a Well Being Show) indicates the difference. We have two metres between each trading table, and everyone is selling a product is key to the market identity. The question is: ‘What is the exact reason to question the agreements made with legal authorities who review our safety assessment?’ We are either trusted to fulfil our legal obligations or not: So the question is ‘Do You Trust Us?’ and ‘If not: Why Not?’ the contact form and comments form is at the bottom of this page. USE IT!


Lists – Facts – Reality

Why So Much Information?

The answer to this is simple. There must be no room for doubts, and we have no fear of transparency. Another important aspect is to demonstrate strength and determination. I do not wish to build the business I work for on unsteady ground. We are in no doubt, the evolution of the business is very different from most. We choose not to buy the cheapest and sell for the highest figure. Our choice is to work with the best and proved the best for a fair price. Being clear: why would we wish to cut corners when material gain is not our priority?

The lead up to the Well Being Markets opening must be seen to be clear: fair: and transparent. Other people can choose to make their own choices. You can be certain: we will not speculate or think we know the rules and regulations. We will work with the authorities who KNOW and understand, and we will follow their guidelines. Anyone who chooses to become part of and invest in the Well Being Markets or Shows should not doubt this reality.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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