As usual, I have enjoyed a busy week. Booking forms coming in, and requests going out. And great interest in the Staffordshire Well Being event being held at the Staffordshire Show Ground. Plenty of new names coming on board as well: which is good news for Visitors and Community Members. The more excellent the choice for attendees, the more attractive the events will be to all involved.

I am stepping up the email promotions over the next three weeks, so please be aware that the circulars should be opened. There is information that needs to be known to help with the Newark Well Being Market’s smooth running on 24 + 25 of this month (April 2021). I will make the circulars short and fast to read. But please open them the information is essential at this time.

Ian has prepared a vital article for tomorrow (5th April 2021). I would ask you to share this article after reading the information. It is essential to the future of events organised by LizianEvents Ltd. We are all at a crucial marker in history. There is every possibility the country will be opening its doors, and we are at the turning point from the previous months of lockdown. And the article provides ideas of how the events will be promoted and why The Well Being Brand is set for the months ahead.

I accept many seem to wish or hope we will stay in this situation forever. And I will take this opportunity to write: ‘I hear many people talk about ‘intention’ and mindset and thinking about the ‘Power of Now’ so why don’t you put these ideas into practice? Negative thinking is so restrictive. It is insipid, and eventually, all you’ll see is the harmful acts, actions and choices which ultimately become a reality. So put the mind into forward gear: and see the possibilities of the future.

So, my message today is to think about our actions. None of us is perfect. We all make mistakes and wish to justify our actions: this is to be human. But, no matter how many times we fall, there is a lesson to learn and a new race to run. We have the opportunity to cast the light on evolution and progress. Or allow thoughts, words and actions to cast a shadow: which hides the possibilities of happiness.

This holiday weekend is a celebration of a sacrifice. A celebration? Of course, the rebirth, new beginnings and hope for humanity. We do not have to be religious or have faith to understand the message of this sacrifice. And it seems to me, and there has never been a more critical moment since the end of the second world war for rebuilding our world. And if there were need to follow a message, it is the one of sacrifice and resurrection.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend, and for those of you who are working, everyone’s blessings and thoughts are with you. No matter if you are a health professional or retail assistant, each one of you contributes to the smooth running of our world.

This idea of every human being is as vital as another is a powerful thought. And to think about this with care means you will realise your importance. No, we cannot always be liked, cannot always do the things people want us to do, cannot always make the grade. These are parts of life: sacrifices made to be who we become. Celebrate faults; they are part of our being. Celebrate the new day. It is where weaknesses can become positive attributes: who knows what the next twenty-four hours hold?

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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