Amazing response to Darren Stanton’s Article which was republished yesterday let’s begin with:

Katt Lawrence:
Very solid and factual article. Thank you.

Katt Continues:

Being one of the newer members of the community, I agree I was drawn to the terms and conditions, ethics and dedication to the community that Lizian had advertised. I have watched this and also am pleased to see this upheld. I have not advertised myself fully yet not because of my lack of belief and support in Lizian events..far from it in fact. I had to respect permissions from Spirit and my own need to prepare myself for what was forthcoming!

I also am fully aware of the growth and success ahead, and I have been very fortunate to receive such back in the events I have stood at.. each one being the best financially over every other event attended. This is no doubt down to the community as I do have a specialist stall and it is clear that the energies of such a wonderful community who support and care for each other benefits this.

Compared to other events where energies conflict it is so lovely to feel the atmosphere of one which I would happily call family. 

The only thing I would voice as something that may help going forward is that there is such a high level of intelligence and professionalism in such writings that I find it hard to digest lol. A light-hearted offering may be a nice addition or even something jovial, or jokes could break up the seriousness of the community writings in the Lizian news. Even if it’s feedback about a funny occurrence or laughing at ourselves in show feedback. 

Laughter and happiness is the best medicine, and yes this is a wonderful business platform ..but I would like not just to respect the news, admire the exhibitors, read the feedback, value the customer numbers but also see something to make us laugh on occasion. This isn’t a criticism ..all the above is needed and is done correctly..just my own opinion of what could be added. 

We often can be too severe and concentrate on our day to day business..we forget to smile and laugh. (Lol I will be asking for a puzzle page next..innocent look) 

To help footfall grow. Maybe a raffle for a different charity each show could also be an addition ie air ambulance .. blood bikes etc as I’m sure a helicopter or motorbike outside would draw in more people and also give back to the local community as a whole ..stall holders donating items with their business card on to help promote themselves and another opportunity to have their stall sought out. At large events where there is land to do this, it would undoubtedly get Lizian noticed 😊

Anyway, just my thoughts.

I am very blessed to be part of a fabulous community, and I look forward to sharing my love and healing with all the community and celebrating its growth going forward..many thanks for welcoming me in

Xx Wildkatt xX

Katt’s Website

Norma Bingley:
Brilliantly written and very professional. I love Liz and Ian and have always been convinced of their integrity from the very first meeting they deserve all the support they can get because they have so valiantly supported everyone over the years. I do trust they do take the next step whatever it maybe x

Kirstie Wood:
Spot on 😊

Heather Pedley:
Excellent Darren. A big thank- you for this xxx

See You Soon

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