Notes on this week’s articles:

The posts this week have been focused on the wellness of the body. The Solrox and Isagenix articles have received good reading figures, and as with all articles on LEN the articles stay live and as the months pass by more readers will become aware of Solrox and Isagenix. 

Incidentally, it is rare for an article to be removed or deleted from the archive. If an individual feels our Well Being Shows are not for them or there is a malicious criticism of The Community’s work or our ethos, the choice is made to delete relevant articles.

LizianEvents are dedicated to increasing Community and Visitor interest in the Well Being –  Body aspect of the shows and the inter-show connections. Readers will see a determined approach to Visitor awareness in this area. We are pleased with the response received from both new Community Members and Visitors when asked about their experience at the June event. Do not underestimate the Well Being – Body facet of the shows potential to attract new Visitors and benefit the way our events are perceived. 

Darren Stanton’s article has already had over two-hundred ‘reads’. This figure must indicate an interest in this type of subject. It is interesting to read a psychologists perception of the ethos and concept of our Well Being Events. I was reticent to publish this article because of its reference to myself. After long consideration, Liz and I felt many of the points highlighted by Darren were of use to The Community.

I spoke to him on Wednesday and asked him if he would write further articles, and he has confirmed another two would be ready after he returns from America in August.

Darren repeated his opinion is that every one of The Community has excellent potential to grow and prosper and of course I am in full agreement.

The comments made on the Solrox video are heartening. Please remember; anyone who feels they have a video message to make public can make a request for a video to be made. The video can be used for, and it can be embedded on websites, and social media without the need for permission. Basically, all LizianEvents video productions are copyright free.

Audio interviews are also available as MP3 downloads. Click on the link on LEN to go to the interview catalogue. The downloads are free. The download platform asked for an email address, this is where the file is delivered. It is safe and secure, have no worries about downloading the file.

This short article has covered the questions asked over the last seven days. It is heartwarming to see LEN’s reader figures growing every month. Liz and I thank you for your continued support.

See You Soon

Next Weeks Articles:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – Carol Wallace and Liz Clark at the Marie aux Mines Mineral Show.

Thursday – Book Review of Brigitte Rix’s channelled book “Help the Earth – Help You to Survive Imminent Disasters.”

Friday – Interview with Vic Hayworth – Tropic Skincare

Saturday – The Power of Thought – Anonymous

Sunday – Weekly roundup



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