Yes, many people know about the formation of Pure Spirit Events. A collaboration between LizianEvents and Barrie John. The video establishes the structure of the Ltd Company and the beginning of the new business: it provides some insight into the ideas behind the Shows. We choose to allow news of the new venture to become public over the last ten months to get a feeling for the way people perceived the idea. And also know who would like to be part of the venture. 

Before continuing, it is essential to realise Pure Spirit follow the same ethos as all of our ventures. It is ‘success before profit’. We choose to reinvest into the longterm future of the shows and establish strong bonds with Visitors and The Pure Spirit Community.

To do this, we have made some significant changes to the ways people trade at the shows. Without any doubt, there will be many who will resist the parameters we have decided to implement. However, this is a new venture and, as you will know, we are not afraid of change and innovation.

The vital aspect to remember is Visitors will come to Pure Spirit Events with more excellent and more in-depth knowledge of the Community who have decided to be part of the shows. Being part of The Pure Spirt Brand means you will be recognised embellishing the ethos of the event.

How so? When a Visitor reads the information about the shows, they’ll not only know about the attending Community; they will also have a good idea of the prices they can expect to pay. It is a little like standing outside a restaurant and reading the menus board. We choose to enter the establishment after weighing-up not only the dishes but, importantly, the price.

Barrie, Liz and I accept there will be those who will not wish to be part of our vision. We also know there will be many who will see the reasons for the changes the Pure Spirit Shows bring to Visitors. Many new people will probably join the Pure Spirit Community.

As Barrie mentions in the video, our intention is, over the next three years extend the reach to ten shows Countrywide. We have an effective plan for the future; for obvious reasons, we will not reveal these ideas at the early stage. However, readers can be confident, the shows will be Visitor focussed and designed to encourage people with a love of spiritual events to attend.

What are the main differences?

Readers/Spiritual Counsellors and therapists will have to offer a three-tier price structure. This directive means they will have to have three-tiered prices displayed on their tables. In return for accepting a ‘priced menu,’ we will offer more than competitive stand prices. The cost of tables is of course on the booking forms.

We are introducing ‘Feedback Forms’ for all events in 2020. Pure Spirit Events will also add feedback forms for readers and therapists. The more ways we can demonstrate transparency and care to Visitors, the better. We have other ideas which will come into play in 2020 for Visitor connections and comments. And this is important, for Pure Spirit because the shows will be taken to where there is a demand. Not only this, we encourage new and local therapist, readers and retailers to the Pure Spirit Shows. (Use the contact form if you wish to contribute).

The Shows will have added/extra attractions for Visitors. As usual, we will an extended talks schedule. But there will be more! And no! I’ll not be writing about the additions which will make the difference today. Watch the video, listen with care about what is being offered. Accept there will be considerable differences to today’s format. Barrie is insistent the Community aspect is carried thoroughly into The Pure Spirit Shows. 

From LizianEvents perspective, the association with Pure Spirit is mutually beneficial. Barrie has a long-established connection with many hundreds of people. We can evidence our relentless dedication to promotions and innovation. We are looking forward to building another influential and robust business as part of our organisation. At the centre of the shows is LEN (LizianEvents News). There is nothing like this daily newsletter anywhere in the World! The reason? A magical group of Community Members who we serve and who appear in the daily articles.

Ian Timothy

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See You Soon

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  1. MBS shows generally need to evolve to meet the well documented challenges from rival propositions outside the MBS genre.

    There is a conundrum. In evolving MBS shows, normally under the Well Being banner, a broader audience is reached. Yet the essence of MBS shows can be diluted as a result.

    Do Well Being shows lose the essential ingredients which underpin the original concept, or are they a vital response to a changing market?

    Do MBS shows celebrate the essential core of the genre or are they increasingly redundant and marginalised in a changing world.

    So the conundrum is, do you drive Well Being into new territories winning new audiences but potentially losing your existing one? Or do you retrench into the tried and tested, breathing new life into a tried and tested brand, yet risk being in an obsolescent niche market?

    There is an arms race in the MBS / Well Being market at the moment. Venue hire increases, promoters increase exhibitor costs, exhibitors raise their prices. But is there not only a limit to the number of people who will attend an MBS/Well being show, but also a limit to the amount of money visitors have to spend?

    If Readings are £40, perhaps a visitor will have just one, rather than two, affecting the viability of the event for all Readers, or perhaps a crystal seller who might have sold a crystal for £20 if the Reading price had been less.

    And the higher the perceived price of goods and services, the more a better off audience is needed, potentially diverging from the spirit of MBS, and requiring different marketing. Two different challenges. In theory, better off audiences are good news for exhibitors, but if there are fewer of them, not necessarily so.

    I am delighted that Ian, Liz and Barry are doing something, and not waiting for the winds to blow us in the direction chance dictates. We are fortunate to have such able people to navigate us through such tricky waters.

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