Event Questions

We have received a few questions regarding the Well Being Market (WBM) at The Lady Eastwood Centre – Newark Show Ground 19-20 September: Here is are answers to the questions received.

All Community members will receive a fully detailed resume of the plans for the event. There is NOTHING extraordinary about the layout, although there will be some simple concessions that counsellors and therapists will have to make.

Therapists need to conform to their relative PPE requirements. And counsellors will have their stands set up so as their clients are not in the flow of Visitors.

Presentations will be spaced by a 20-minute period for cleaning and airing of the rooms: Social distancing seating will be enforced as will the number of seats within the large rooms.

And yes! Face coverings are part of the retail regulations. Visitors are guided to follow government guidelines relevant to the date of the WBM.

We know that the WBM is a compromise: however, many people will enjoy the experience and do their very best to make the WBM a success.

As mentioned in the last article: We would be insane to run an event without fully understanding and compiling to the relevant regulations: Anyone who feels they can do so is welcome to take the chance. In all conscience, we could not put WBM together unless we fully complied to the somewhat complicated safety assessment and regulations. And we are confident every Community Member who comes to the WBM will enjoy a rewarding weekend.

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