Join the group! This is the simple message today: It does not matter if you are Uk based or future away. Join the Facebook Group we have over 1200 members and many of them are active. The group is well organised and offers support and information for all aspects of wellbeing.

If you are a holistic healer: reader: counsellor: or just an all-round brilliant person: Join and post on the LizianEvents Facebook Group.

Never has there been a more important time to make people aware of your work

LizianEvents Facebook Group: LizianEvents Ltd

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LizianEvents primary objective is to connect Community Members to Visitors: There is no other wellbeing events organisation with a more integrated connectivity system.We cannot underestimate the importance of working together and sharing each others work. There are long days ahead and restarting the economy and rebuilding your businesses will need every assistance. LizianEvents IS at the forefront of promotional activity. We have demonstrated a relentless dedication to connecting Community Members and Visitors. No other events organisation has worked with such dedication as LizianEvents. A post EVERY day: over 40000 connections every month (LizianEvents News + Social Media Channels + Our suggestion is if your intention is to survive the next 24 months: act now and keep on letting people know you exist!


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