The previous three articles are examples of the new and updated Community Profiles. You are guided to review the profiles because this is how Visitors will see links from the show listings. You can review the profiles, by clicking the orange links.

For Clarity:

A visitor searching ‘LizianEvents dot com’ show pages will see the simplified listings which look like these examples:

John Richardson – Spiritual Healer, Medium, Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression.

Eliza Hodge – Holistic and Alternative Therapy – Ear Candling.

Shirley McEvoy – Medium and Spiritual Consultant.

In effect, the Visitor will enjoy a fast and straightforward experience when searching for show information.

The names highlighted in orange are linked to the Community Profile. The benefit of working in this way is that Visitors will become aware of LEN and as LEN is the conduit between shows, we heighten the awareness of our work. The long-term benefits of making this connection should not be underestimated.

Highlighted orange signifies a link on the LizianEvents dot com web site. In the future, all external links will be highlighted in ORANGE.

We now have over one hundred and twenty active Community Members. It is now essential for us to connect the ‘LizianEvents dot com’ site with LEN profiles and information. This helps all Community Members to connect to Visitors. Our web traffic is growing, and people are staying on the sites for considerable periods of time. Remember, LEN has become a considerable information resource, people from the World over visit the site and learn about The Community’s ideas and read the various articles. Magic is beginning to happen, do not doubt the potentials released over the last twelve months.

The Community Member Profiles will be updated every three months. Community Members may encounter situations where profiles need to be changed before scheduled maintenance. In this situation send in the details and updates can be made on the same day.

There are five hundred articles on LEN and within the articles are many Community Profiles. Some have now become dormant and will be deleted. When an item is removed, we encounter a problem on search engine platform. A visitor searching the name will generally receive a “404 page not available” message, and this can affect our overall site ratings. Therefore, the deleted pages will be redirected to another page with relevant or similar content.

Many Community Members have had updated Community Profiles published, due to the 404 error situation, the older profiles were up until today retained. A redirect system is now in place, and anyone who searches for deleted profiles will be directed to the latest version. If you have profiles embedded on your own website, there should be no need to change the link, the redirect will take you to the latest version of your profile.

Community Members and Visitors can be assured: we will work so that LEN and LizianEvents dot-com sites have the most exceptional web presence. We are working to heighten internet awareness of our locations. The objective is anyone searching for our genre of shows will find us first. This is one of the reasons for the changes being made today. We are building the sites to comply with future search engine algorithms fully.

Let us continue to build the infrastructure of OUR Well Being Shows. We will enjoy the harvest of the seeds being planted every day. Should we expect celebrations ahead? Do not doubt it!

See You Soon


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