Over the last week, I have spent tens of hours working on LEN. I have removed articles which are no longer relevant or deleted outdated profiles which have inaccurate information. We will always prune the garden ready for a new years growth.

At the final count, there are now exactly 500 articles on LEN. The average word count is 800 words per article. This is an incredible 400 thousand words; the average paperback is 90 thousand words long – LEN has the content of FIVE paperback books.

Who knows the influence of the words and articles?

Our organisation has enjoyed great success and a few insignificant setbacks. All have been recorded somewhere in the 500 articles. There are eighty plus Community Profiles, tens of show guides and show appraisals, hundreds of opinions and comments, and now a growing number of articles written by Community Members. The daily news is growing; it is a significant part of the organisation.

500th Article - LizianEvents
500th Article – LizianEvents

You are reading something which is becoming a central hub of information for anyone who enjoys the aspects of Well Being. And more people are reading the articles. We have days where 300 people open and read the daily newsletter. Popular articles become the seeds of new pieces. Unpopular ones are a barometer of opinion, and we take note of the significance of poor reading figures. 

All who are part of LEN will reap the rewards of being actively involved in this publication and The Well Being Shows future. No one can ignore what is happening within OUR Community. Visitors love the atmosphere and vibes of the events, the love the balance of The Community. Visitors comment on the communication and are beginning to visit LEN on a daily basis. 

LEN has served The Community well; its messages have instilled the purpose and ethos of the shows in the minds of the public. And It will carry us into the future of the Well Being Shows. There must be no mistaking the objective for OUR Well Being Shows to become a nationally recognised organisation. From the very first day of publication, we set our intent. LEN is at the forefront of our progress; it is a lamplighter, a figurehead, a symbol of the Well Being Shows.

Happy 500th Birthday LEN – Who knows where you will have taken US on the day of your 1000th article?

See You Soon


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