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The scope of The Well Being Show concept has no boundaries. We can take the events into new horizons and provide our Visitors with a more expansive Well Being experience. We are nearing our second-year mark from the original Lincolnshire Show and will have enjoyed seven years of being an organisation since the first event at Market Rasen. Those who remember the first show at Rasen will recall our objective was to provide new exhibitors with little or no experience a chance to stand at a show. Now we have over a hundred and fifty Community Members and many new people wishing to become part of this evolving organisation.

It is up to The Community how successful they wish to become. The more interactive their sharing and promotion of the events the higher the number of Visitors. Last week I spoke to someone who wanted to become a Community Member she asked how high was the footfall. My answer was “That is up to The Community – They have a 100% organisation, The organisation works every day – 365 days a year to provide social media platforms to work from and take advantage of to promote their work. They are beginning to realise the inference of this asset. In the same way, The Community is beginning to realise the incredible potential of The Well Being Shows”. I’m not sure she understood precisely what I meant, however, many are beginning to accept the challenge.

The full list of Community Members attending The Nottingham Well Being Show which will open its doors over the weekend of the 20 and 21 of October. Will be published tomorrow, the list is thirty-two Community Members strong: And we should accept there is every probability The Community will experience a fantastic event over this coming weekend. And they deserve their success. The feedback received from Visitors who have spoken to us about last months Newark Well Being Show is nothing short of brilliant.

It is no exaggeration to comment: we could double the numbers of Community attending The Nottingham Trowell Show! (I rarely use exclamation marks). The venue will benefit from a refurbishment in 2019, and this will mean it will become a forty Community Member venue. With new talk rooms and up to date facilities Trowell will be perfect for the long-term future of the Nottingham Show.

As the Community Numbers wishing to attend The Well Being Shows expands, we will near saturation point for every event. This will give our Visitors a feeling of freshness to every show. As we begin to make plans for “The Festival of Well Being” we realise the depth and breadth of The Community’s influence will grow. We are on target for our original objectives of filling the venues with Community Members and enjoying a continuous growth in Visitor numbers.

The traffic on the Eventbrite ticket platform for this show is looking great. This must be an indication of how much traction The Community is beginning to achieve with their events. They must be proud of what is happening; there is a real feeling of success being felt throughout The Community: And Visitors numbers on our media sites LEN LizianEvents dot com, Instagram and Twitter continue to grow ‘week on week’.


  1. All visitors are lucky to have Trowell event available! They are guaranteed a warm welcome in a pleasant venue buzzing with joy and activities… ( I ‘m sorry I cannot make it there but I’ll be at Lincoln in Nov.)
    HAVE FUN as always everybody… and improve your Well Being! 🙂

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