The Group is Key to Success

The Lincolnshire Well Being Show review is to be published on Friday: It was a landmark event and justifies an in-depth analysis.  However, we need to consider the conduits of information which connects Visitors to Community:

Social Media has four main streams:

LizianEvents Facebook
LizianEvents Group

Today we focus on LizianEvents Group:

Have a look through the Group from the link below which will open a separate window. You will discover the more and more Visitors are becoming members of the group. Indeed, most of The Community Members are part of the Group, and many are beginning to utilise it to their advantage. 

☞ Review Group

They place notifications of their workshops: items for sale: announcements and any other relative information on the page. The page has become a powerful and influential connection for many people. The reason is that it is focussed on the purpose of The Well Being Shows. This objective is, of course, sending out messages of ways to become a Well Being.

The Group is an open group:

We have nothing to hide. It is one which reflects the ethos of transparency and integrity. The organisation does not comment or censor Group Members comments or posts. Although there is a clear purpose to the Group: which is a central focus to Connect Visitors to The Community. It is also one of the connections between every Well Being Show.

If you are not already a member and you wish to be part of a growing and superb following of like-minded people: You are welcome to join us and contribute. If you want to become part of the Well Being Show evolution: this is the place to begin; because it is here where you can make yourself known allowing many people to become aware of your thoughts and ideas.

We have many new ideas in concepts to be announced over the coming weeks. Some will work, others will be tried, tested and forgotten. But you can be sure; we will continue to provide The Community and Visitors with the best possible platforms to thrive, prosper and connect.

☞ Join Group

If you are not already an of The LizianEvents Well Being Group; request membership now! And if you are a Member what not invite a few like-minded friends to join?

See You Soon

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