I have had a pleasurable, busy and productive week. LizianShop enjoy’s the usual Christmas bonus of extra customers buying their presents. There is something special about the next three weeks, we see many returning customers and always gain new ones during December. From my perspective, the trade in the run-up to Christmas is confirmation the efforts of the last eleven months have been worthwhile.

It seemed possible interest in the organisation of the events would slow down during the lead up to the festivities. Nothing has changed, emails with daily questions about venues, set-up and genres come in most days. If anything the activity seems higher than December 2017. It is difficult to judge because of the new clients asking us to organise their events in 2019 -20. This aspect has added another avenue to LizianEvents Ltd. The additional revenue generated from this venture will strengthen the business and advantage The Community. New clients mean we can invest more into the future of the shows and events.

Ian sees media production as paramount to Visitor awareness, and he will use some of the extra revenue to his advantage. He is working on the subtle changes to both internet sites. The changes are in line with plans. I know the new layouts and content will mean additional Visitors to LEN and this will reflect in more Visitors to the shows. The better the material, the higher the number of people returning to LEN and the spiral of awareness grows. Figures confirm the broader media visibility.

For example:

This weeks audio interviews and Jon Sharpe’s “Words of Kindness” have been listened to over six hundred times in total. Every visit to the site means more awareness of The Community’s work. It is now nineteen months since the first LEN article: the visibility received from the online newspaper is well worth the effort involved. With nearly six-hundred articles on LEN, our lead is impossible to overtake. It is heartwarming to see we are attracting more independent submissions: for example this week we have a contribution from an American writer.

There is another aspect to the Media Resource:

The first online course enters production in January. I’m confident Barrie John will prosper from this collaboration. A second course is to be announced in January; Both courses will generate revenue for reinvestment into the organisation. This part of the organisation is essential to plans and growth. A point of note is better video production software will be utilised in 2019. This move will help us make video productions with a more ‘professional’ image. Incidentally, this software will be used for the online courses and will make them a fantastic learning experience.

On Friday I visited a new client. I asked how she’d discovered LizianEvents. Her answer was a colleague had spoken about The Newark Well Being Show. She looked through LEN and decided a call would be the right way for her events to prosper. There is little need to expand on the events we are organising for this new client or the identity. I mention the meeting because it is the Media Platforms which made the connection work. I asked if there were areas in LEN which impressed her more than others.

Her answer:

“No, it (LEN) is a first-class example of how to excel in social media and internet presence. I suspect your news site is a flag at the top of a growing business”.

The reader should be asking the question:

“What is the subject of today’s article?”

My answer is:

Much of our success is achieved by following a plan and allowing people to be aware of long-term intentions. Being aware of the intent of the business or organisation means they can choose to become involved or not. In this way, the organisation attracts like-minded people and grows not in size but strength.

We understand this process can take years not months! Consistent work is required if success is to be attained.

It is important to consider that setting intent is not writing down a ‘hope’ or ‘need’ and trusting the objective will come to fruition. One has to think carefully and decide if the aim is reality or dream. Next: there is a need to understand the long-term commitment is an investment, which may not yield immediate returns.

Working from the Victoria Market is a lesson in small business. I watch people rent a stall and within days I know if they will survive. The mistake they make is thinking people will flock to them; they believe their idea is infallible. The priority is money, not a success. The market is open from eight-thirty to five thirty. They chose to arrive at ten-thirty and leave at three. Time and again customers visit and see the closed stall, and of course, they do not return. When the ball is rolling the trader should keep the momentum going. Once stopped, the customer does not come back. Consistency is the way of success,

I know LEN is a visible platform to be used to the benefit of Community Members. The LizianEvents (FaceBook) Group is becoming a viable platform for the use of Community Members. Remember, when using ‘The Group’ you must send the post in for approval. While we share anything we see relevant to the organisation, much information will be missed: Another point is Ian is watching for reciprocal activity. Those who use our platforms should in fairness promote The Well Being Shows in return.

Why Don’t We Promote Community Members attending other Shows?

The answer is our investment in the future of the organisation is substantial. This investment is provided to advantage The Community. We make no false claims, our priority is directed at The Community and the success of the organisation. We do not work to benefit those who are not part of this growing and influential Community driven organisation.

Future insights:

The objective is to encourage two-hundred and fifty Members into the Community. They will thrive in the hive of success. We will provide a portfolio of shows and events they can choose to attend. LizianEvents News is the online daily newspaper which connects Visitors to The Community. Readers of an ordinary paper, read the sports page, others read tv reviews, and others read general news. In our case Visitors will read LEN for their reasons: Be it Well Being Show information – Mind Body and Spirit Show information – or the yet to be announced genre of events – The XXXX Show or The XXXX Show. This expansion follows the original design of twenty months ago. Many people are beginning to see the potential of the organisation, and it continues to grow.


Design of The Future : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Design of The Future

Accepted some disagree with the design. And others prefer not to commit to this new and unique platform. That is fine: Ian and I are building a place for people to thrive and invest in their future. We wish to give The Community alternatives and new shows and events from which to work. Those against change often find fault and follow a fixed path no matter what is offered. The Community’s success will not be compromised for any who oppose its design.

Being transparent about our plans and objectives is essential. One reason is to encourage like-minded people to join The Community and the second is to establish targets. When we make statements of intent, there is a requirement to fulfil the promise. To date, we have accomplished each commitment made to Visitors and Community.

A Recent magazine Promotion

The message here is this:

Readers can be assured Ian, and I will work with continuous effort to extend the awareness of the portfolio of LizianEvents Shows. We will utilise all available avenues on a daily basis to gain new Visitors and Community Members. 2017 is drawing to a conclusion; we now prepare for the next 365 days of dedication to the future of our shows and events. No one can doubt our endeavours are real and active.

Thank You For Reading This Article:

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. In agreement with Gary Longden. I confess to being a little uncomfortable with your openness in the early days. Now I see the whole picture. It is as if your are casting the future from the moulds of your essays. The path you are taking is one of uniqueness. Your plans seem ambitious and within reach. Janine

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