The Pure Spirit Show

Last weekend’s Pure Spirit Show must be seen as a success. Barrie John’s idea to produce a show that takes MBS’s old style to a new level ticked all the boxes. Vistors gave the show a resounding thumbs-up and all enthusiastically took away flyers for the next event.

The Derek Acorah Memorial Award

Another success and congratulations to Sarah May, the eventual winner of the prize, many people returned with super and reassuring messages. One should not take anything away from the runners up! All worked with great courage to present a 30-minute demonstration. Many thanks to Gwen Acorah for travelling from Liverpool to deliver the award.

Attending Numbers

Saturday – 156
Sunday – 177
Total – 333

The figures were affected by the atrocious weather, and none have any doubts this knocked the footfall. Both organisers and Exhibitors agree this is the case. One must congratulate all who braved the weather to attend the Pure Spirit Show.

So, we conclude the event has great potential, and it will build into a fantastic Pure Spirit Experience. We will add more attractions in 2022 to make the show a genre leader.

The Future

The weekend’s announcement of certain restrictions regarding the ‘new variant of the virus must not be underestimated. We are not out of the woods by any stretch of one’s imagination.

No Community Member or Exhibitor will be asked for deposits or upfront payments for any of our events. As you know, we returned all charges in 2020 for cancelled shows. If there is another run of restrictions, we do not wish to burden any with financial issues. Unfortunately, venues are already seeing cancellations for other events. And we do not consider providing an alternative date as acceptable in lew of cancellation. One should be very careful in the coming months.

We will provide the dates and people can book the shows. But you will not be asked for a penny. God forbid the new strain of the virus floors the country again.

I am sorry to finish this article on this downbeat note. So, while the reason for the message is somewhat poor, the sentiment is not! It offers essential information on how we will navigate the possible problems due to cancellations.

See You Soon


  1. it was only when we left Newark that the full extent of the adverse weather surrounding the town became apparent.

    I had my booster jab on Monday. The centre was overwhelmed, not only by people having boosters, but by those having first and second jabs.

    I do not think that it is possible to draw any conclusions from the numbers that attended the event due to both of these exceptional circumstances

    Well done for organising the event in the first place.

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