A Morning Meditation – For those of us who like thinking about thinking realise life is a puzzle. We see facts of a situation and listen to and read people’s opinions: their wish is to either distort or ignore the reality. Rather than accept an outcome for what it is: they fight against the fact or facts.

There are tens of situations which occur in life which cannot be changed even though the position is opposed to our desires. Elections are a prime example of the ‘some will win – others will lose’ experience. We have to accept the outcome, whether liked or not. I am not writing; we should not disagree or attempt to give balanced opposing views. The inference is if we cannot accept the outcome of a situation. Daily life situations can become clouded by an issue irrelevant to a task.

To consider this further one should consider the idea that frustration with one issue can influence the way many problems are dealt with. My opinion is life IS difficult. And life IS unfair, and I accept these two precepts is essential to my happiness. I am not capitulating to the views of others: I do not allow myself to become concerned about anything which is out of my control. And let’s face the fact most significant issues have already happened: therefore griping will not influence the outcomes.

Recently a good friend told me she would not ‘work with’ Mr X because his views were opposed to her own. I suggested she was limiting the possibilities available to her: ‘You know MrX has a brilliant reputation and his track record suggests he is a leader in his field’. ‘I’m not interested, I don’t like his views, and that’s enough for me’. Of course, I accepted my friend’s opinion, and the conversation moved on. You will have to draw your conclusions as to the morals of working with someone not liked, who can provide the best service.

Her issue came from reading social media posts: a not uncommon situation. I have a suspicion overly detailed Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram posts can seemly gain immense support: but in reality, sever ties with many people. One can easily recall people who fall from grace after offering an unrelenting barrage of cruel words. It is all very well hammering away at someone who is perceived to have done wrong. But often the victim is an anvil, and resistant to sleight. While the smith of black words thinks he is forging a good luck horseshoe: he fails to realise no shoe fits all, and each fall of the hammer results loss of allies. Each time a vindictive post is read. I tap the snooze button or sometimes delete the individual. You see, life is not always fair and rebelling against injustice will gain a few supporters: it will also bore far more who see the gripe as demonstrating weakness or the exposure of a dark character. The majority of people are intelligent and will seek information on both sides of a dispute before making a judgment.

Many will not make their feelings clear. Although they seem to agree, the reality is they do not believe an opinion. The smile on the face or nod of the head does not mean the inner-being is in agreement and acknowledging this suggestion will benefit daily choices. Is it better to say: ‘I do not agree’ or ‘this is not my understanding’ than to agree with something your inner-being does not know to be accurate?

Accepting life is not always fair, and we will be subject to injustice can make one’s existence easier to negotiate. This character asset is not ‘the easy way out’: nor does it demonstrate indifference or even cowardice. To face one’s demons and shrug one’s shoulders and say: ‘that’s the way of life, and you’ll not be ruining my future’ is a powerful mindset. The moment you consider some problems are insurmountable and others have no answer: no longer will the issues cause conflict. How can they? If they are accepted as fait accompli that is the end to the matters.

Each morning is the beginning of hundreds of opportunities. Will the choice be to accept life or struggle against insurmountable or unchangeable situations? The answer is found in thoughts…

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