Today we welcome new Member Leone Edwards to our Community. Leone Edwards is a gifted Spiritual Counsellor Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium. We are sure Visitors will enjoy meeting and working with Leone during The Well Being Shows.

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I am Leone Edwards, I’m a Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium and also a passionate and dedicated Reiki Master, Crystal Healer & Spiritual Teacher.

I have always been a very spiritual person and from a young age have experienced many unexplained happenings, from hearing voices from unknown sources to seeing shadows. There is not a day goes by now where I don’t have a conversation with spirit.

Over the years I have dedicated my time and energy towards developing my spiritual abilities further, which has led onto connecting with the spirit world on a deeper level and has given me the confidence to read for others with fantastic feedback.

Connecting with the spirit world is an indescribable experience and being able to give messages from departed loved ones to their friends and relatives, is an absolute privilege.

→Leone’s Website

Here are a few testimonials:-

‘Excellent Medium and Healer’

‘I’ve had two readings with Leone. She brought my dad through as well as my nan. Both were very accurate descriptions and gave me sound advice for the future based on things she couldn’t have known’.

‘I’ve also had reiki and was shocked at the physical sensation I had from the inside of my head like something being pulled away without being physically touched by Leone at all’.

‘A lovely lady and very talented reader and healer. I would highly recommend both’.

‘A true earth angel’

‘I have to to say as an energy worker and medium I am usually drawn to who I have a reading with’.

‘I run my own events and out of 25 mediums a lot of which have been offering readings for many, many years I have chosen Leone to be a regular reader at my event’s. I have seen so many people walk away from her table at other events as well In tears, uplifted and truly impressed with the accuracy of Leone’s reading.

‘I actually booked Leone without ever having had a reading from her myself I can feel the positive energy coming from her where ever she is’.

‘I was blessed to have a reading from her on Saturday, my own intuition about her was indeed correct. She blew me away and yes she made me cry too (I don’t usually get emotional) She picked up on past life issues and saw two of my guides also conforming information I was given only a month ago in my akashic records’.

‘I would recommend her as a reader and also as a reiki teacher’.

‘Her gentle energy shines through as she offers spiritual guidance’.

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